How to check bad sectors with PartitionGuru?


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Updated on May 14th, 2021What is bad sector? A bad sector is a sector on a computer’s disk that cannot be used due to permanent damage (or an OS inability to successfully access it), such as physical damage to the … Continue reading

How to Split Partition Without Data Loss in Windows 10/8/7?

Updated on May 13th, 2021

When installing Windows system, many users often distribute large disk space to system partition, for they are afraid the problem “low disk space” may happen to system partition. Also some people would like to make the whole hard drive only one big partition.

If system partition takes up too much space, that’ll be a waste of hard drive capacity. Also that takes too much time to look for desired program. What’s more, if you put system and other data together into one big partition, virus will attack all of them quickly at one time. Thus, an increasing number of users want to solve the problem without losing data.

It is not an easy job for Disk Management which can’t split partition directly. Users have to shrink one partition to get free disk space with this tool, and then create a new partition on the free space. What’s the easiest way of splitting a partition under Windows without data loss?

As the rapid improvement of computer technology, well-known software developer Eassos Ltd. provides a perfect solution which can split Windows partition easily and securely. All users are able to undertake the take with the help of the free partition manager PartitionGuru. This program is capable of splitting one partition into two directly, and the whole process is simplified and flexible.

Sometimes we want increase the number of partitions, but the repartition causes data loss. So here I share a way to splitting partition without data loss.

1. Launch PartitionGuru.

Split Partition

2.  Right click the partition to be divided and select the item “Split Partition”.

Split Partition

3.   Set partition size and click “Start” button.

Split Partition

How to delete files permanently and ensure data security?

Updated on May 13th, 2021

When you are looking for ways of recovering lost files, have you ever spared one second to think about how to delete files permanently or make files unrecoverable? As we all know, files that are formatted or deleted by keys “Shift” and “Delete” can be recovered easily through certain skills. Therefore, it is really necessary to learn how to delete files permanently so that there is no possibility to get them back or threaten data security.

Advanced as data recovery technology is, we still have a way to make files unrecoverable as long as using a special tool. Here I’d like to choose PartitionGuru as an example to demonstrate the whole process.

PartitionGuru, mainly a piece of data recovery and disk management software, provides the function needed here. You may ask why the program has contradictory functions. That because both data recovery and delete data permanently comply the same theory. When you delete a file, the data is still on the hard drive instead of erased forever and operating system just mark the place taken by the deleted file as free so that other files can be written to there. Thus the deleted file can be recovered before a new file is written over. Thus to make files unrecoverable, PartitionGuru can just overwrites the files with random character at the same time it deletes files.

Method 1

After launching PartitionGuru, Right click the files you want to delete and select the item “Delete Files Permanently“.

Delete Files Permanently

You can appoint the characters that will be used to overwrite files.

Method 2

The first method will not be appropriate when you want to delete all the files of the whole partition or disk, and method 1 doesn’t work on files that have already been deleted or formatted.

Get the program started and select the partition or disk to be erased data. Then click items “Tools” and “Erase Sectors” in sequence and then you’ll get a dialog box to choose characters that are used to fill sectors.

When the operation is done, all the files on the partition or disk can never be recovered, and nobody will know what kind of data has been saved on the partition, and no one can recover those files by any means, either. So be aware when you carry out the operation.

Best Memory Card Data Recovery Software Free Download


Updated on May 13th, 2021

Data loss happens to memory card

A memory card or flash card is an electronic flash memory data storage device used for storing digital information. They are small in size but big in capacity, re-recordable, and be capable of retain data without power. Thus, they are widely used in various electronic devices, such as digital cameras, cell phones, laptop computers, MP3 and MP4 players, video game consoles, etc.

Best Memory Card Data Recovery Software Free Download

Popular as memory card is, it still can’t escape the data loss problem. Data saved on memory card may get lost due to a variety of reasons, for instance, deletion, formatting by accident, virus attack, etc. What if data loss happens to you, do you have an effective solution?

Best Memory Card Data Recovery Software Free Download

As data recovery technology develops rapidly, data recovery job is no longer belongs to those data recovery experts. Nowadays, some excellent data recovery enables common computer users carry out data recovery on their own. Such kind of data recovery as Eassos Recovery is featured by powerful functions and easy-to-use operating steps. What’s more, Eassos Recovery can deal with almost all of the memory card recovery problem you come across. Thus it is necessary to prepare a piece of data recovery software for data security. And then you’ll not be bothered by data loss any more.

How to recover lost data from memory card with memory card recovery software?

The precondition of recovery is that the memory card can be detected by conputer. Otherwise, the following steps can’t be carried out. Please connect memory card to computer by inserting into USB port, and the memory card can be placed in a card reader.

  1. Download and install Eassos Recovery to your computer. Run it and you will see its concise interface. Select the best-suited function for your data loss issue.Best Memory Card Data Recovery Software Free Download
  2. Choose the memory card that requires file recovery and start file searching.Best Memory Card Data Recovery Software Free Download
  3. Single out needed files and get them recovered.Best Memory Card Data Recovery Software Free Download

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The ultimate way of data recovery-Recover Files By Type


Updated on May 14th, 2021Data recovery approach mentioned here is ”Recover Files By Type“ which is used to rescue data when the file system is badly damaged and file directory can not be rebuilt. Eassos Recovery provides such a powerful function. Why files … Continue reading

Free SSD data recovery software


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Updated on May 14th, 2021What’s SSD? An SSD (solid-state drive) (also known as a solid-state disk or electronic disk) is a data storage device. SSDs (hard disk drive) consist of flash memory chips instead of moving mechanical components as HDDs, … Continue reading

Delete Files Permanently


Updated on May 13th, 2021

Most of times we are looking for solutions of recovering lost data, while there must be some moments that we want to deleted files permanently so that files can never be recovered. Deleting files permanently is a safe way to protect private and confidential data, and it is not difficult to do so.

To delete files forever and make files unrecoverable, you’ll need such a tool to help you.

For me, I’d like to use PartitionGuru to do the delete, because the program do has such a function “Delete Files Permanently”.

1. Download, install and start PartitionGuru and you’ll see its main interface.

2. Right click the file you want to delete forever and then select the item “Delete Files Permanently”

Delete Files Permanently

Files that are deleted in this way can never be recovered by any methods, thus please be aware when you perform the operation.