Does DiskGenius support partition larger than 16TB?

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“I bought a WD 22TB, but DiskGenius doesn’t support partition larger than 16TB, I can’t copy from my old 4TB to new disk if I just want a single partition on the new disk. The windows build-in disk manager can create a single partition 20TB on it.


Were you trying to clone the 4TB hard drive to the 22TB hard drive? During the disk cloning the partition on the 22TB hard drive can be set to 16TB at most instead of 22TB?

If it is the case, cluster size is the reason that the partition on the destination disk couldn’t be set as 20 TB.

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DiskGenius supports partition larger than 16TB and can also create a single partition larger than 16TB just as the Windows built-in Disk Management. However, when cloning a 4TB hard drive to a 22TB hard drive, the cluster size on the destination disk (the 22TB HDD) will be the same as the original disk. The cluster size of the 4TB hard drive is likely to be 4K (4096bytes) which cannot manage disk space that is larger than 16TB. For 16TB to 32TB NTFS partitions, the default cluster size is 8K (8192bytes).

You can use either DiskGenius or Windows Disk Management to create a 20TB partition, and you will find that the default cluster size of the 20TB partition is 8K (8192bytes) instead of 4K (4096bytes). The default cluster size does change depending on the size of the partition and the file system type. Here are tables that describe the default cluster size for NTFS, FAT, and exFAT.

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Therefore, when you clone a 4TB hard drive to a 22TB hard drive, the single partition on the 22TB hard drive can be set as 16TB at most. If you want to use a single partition 20TB, the current solution is to create the 20TB partition on the new hard drive first, and then copy and paste files from the 4TB drive to the 20TB partition. Our programmers are figuring out solutions to smoothly address similar problems, which will be available for the further versions of DiskGenius. We sincerely appreciate your patience and continued support of our products. Should you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact our support team.