Best Free File Recovery and Data Recovery Software


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Recovery of files and folder is performed when serious problem or accidents happen to your computer or portable drives, for example, hard drive gets formatted, or you delete some files by accident that are important to you, or system is … Continue reading

Partition Manager Improves Computer Performance


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Have you become aware of some problems happen to your computer or laptop recently, which is more obvious when comparing with its state when system was just installed? This is so common since operating system serves too many different programs … Continue reading

Photo Recovery Software — Best Solution to Retrieve Lost Photos From Camera


  Photos get lost from digital cameras You must have experienced such situation that you take many pictures during party or ceremonies, but when you looked at photos in the end, only several pictures are left. Nobody deleted pictures and … Continue reading

Recover Deleted Files From Hard Drive


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Feel helpless after deleting files from hard drive? You can find easy solutions to undelete files from hard drive and USB disks in this guide. Hard drive data loss happens without foreshadow Whether is happens rarely or not, there must … Continue reading