Free Partition Recovery: Recover Data From Corrupted Partition

Updated on November 24th, 2020

Recently, one of the partition of my laptop and I’ll really appreciate that someone can help with this hard drive partition recovery issue. Let me tell the story first. I’ve worked overnight and am preparing materials for an important meeting the next morning. I finished tying and proofreading the documents, and then saved and close it. I went to get some sleep for the night, thinking about the meeting that was going to start in the morning. The nest morning, I turned on my laptop, only to find in panic that I couldn’t open the partition that stored the documents and got the error message “E:\ is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect.every time I tried to open this partition.

If you see the error message or other messages such as “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.”, then it is possible that the file system is corrupted or damaged, which causes the partition inaccessible. Once such error happens, you will fail to access the partition or drive volume and files in this partition. And yet for all that, files on this corrupted partition are not lost, they are just inaccessible. And hard drive partition recovery can help you recover data from corrupted partitions.

File recovery from corrupted partition and volumes

You need to do the follow things before starting partition recovery:

  • Check and determine whether it is caused by physical failure
  • Choose the best partition recovery software

It is easy to determine obvious physical problem for hard drive. Check that whether you can hear any noise or clicking and grinding sound. Such sounds indicates the hard drive is suffering from problems from the head. Besides, if the hard drive can’t be recognized by computer, it has server physical problem. Moreover, you can check bad sectors for the drive with PartitionGuru. In a word, you’ll have to consult suggestions of data recovery experts.

As to logical failure of hard drive, you can restore lost data with partition recovery software which is able to perform free partition recovery. But you need to choose the most efficient software such as Eassos Recovery which is not only able to recover lost, corrupted, deleted, damaged and inaccessible partition, but also is easy-to-use hard drive recovery software.

Simple steps of partition recovery: How to recover files from corrupted partition?

First you need to download and install Eassos Recovery to anywhere on your computer except the partition that needs recovering files. Then you can try the following steps to start the recovery task.

Step 1: Start Eassos Recovery and select the recovery mode that fits the partition recovery requirement.Recover Data From Corrupted Partition

Step 2: Select the corrupted partition and click “Next” button, and the recovery software will quickly scan the selected partition.Recover Data From Corrupted Partition

Step 3: After file scanning gets completed, you can preview all listed files one after another. Then select those you need and click “Next” button to get then recovered. These recovered files should be saved to a different partition or drive in case of file overwritten.Recover Data From Corrupted Partition