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CuteRecovery Help - Lost Partition Recovery

Partition lost can be caused by many reasons, for example, accidental deletion, repartition disk, partition software goes wrong, corrupted partition table, virus, etc. Typical features of partition loss issue are: partition's drive letter is missing in Windows File Explorer and the partition is shown "Unallocated" in Disk Management. The lost partition and its files can not be seen by the operating system. In many cases, as long as there is no further damage to the lost partition, it can be recovered by CuteRecovery.

Partition's information like size, type and location is saved in partition table; when a partition is deleted, partition information mentioned above will be deleted from the partition table, but data in the partition won't be deleted. Therefore, when a partition gets lost, it is possible to recover its information by certain techniques. CuteRecovery provides such a function.

Comparing with other partition recovery software, CuteRecovery has its unique techniques. When CuteRecovery finds out a lost partition, it displays all the properties and files of the partition so that you can browse files and folder and judge whether the partition is correct. All the information is saved in memory instead of the disk, which can prevent further damage caused by incorrect operations. Detailed information is shown in the following part.

1. To recover lost partitions, please click the button "Recover Lost Partitions" on the main interface.

Lost Partition Recovery

CuteRecovery finishes the recovery in 3 steps: Select Disk, Search For Lost Partitions or Recover Files and Save Partition Information.

Lost Partition Recovery

2. Select the disk that needs recovering partitions and information of the disk (capacity, model, current partitions, etc) will be displayed on the right part of the panel as follows. Click "Next" button to start searching for lost partitions.

Lost Partition Recovery

3. CuteRecovery will show a searching progress window as in the following picture. When a partition is found, it'll be displayed on the interface. Please judge whether it is correct before clicking "Reserve" or "Ignore" on the "Partition Found" dialog box.

Note: If it is the partition you want to recover, please click "Reserve" and the partition will be saved in memory not disk; if it is not the partition you are looking for, click "Ignore" to skip this partition. All these operations are just saved in memory and the searching process is read only.

Lost Partition Recovery


Click "Reserve" or "Ignore" for each partition found by the software until the scanning finishes. To judge whether the partition is correct, please check its information and files. You can browse and preview files without closing the dialog box.

If CuteRecovery finds out the extended partition table during the searching process, all the logical partitions of the partition table will be displayed at the same time. If all the logical partitions are the ones you want to recover, please click "Reserve" otherwrise click "Ignore". CuteRecovery will search for every logical partition. Most of the cases, CuteRecovery can identify the partition is primary or logical, but it is not always right. You can assign the partition type according to your memory. There is a check box "This is a PRIMARY partition" or "This is a LOGICAL partition" on the "Partition Found" dialog box. You can check the option to correct the partition type.

4. Finishing searching, CuteRecovery will report the number of partition it finds out. Please click "OK" and you can check the partitions and their files.

Lost Partition Recovery

5. If all lost partitions have been found, please click "Next" to save partition table.

Lost Partition Recovery

In addition to saving partition table, you can also copy files by using the context menu: copy files through context menu.

Lost Partition Recovery

To save the partition table, please click "Save" button and the recovery result will be saved to disk. Then you can access these partitions and its files in Windows File Explorer.

Lost Partition Recovery

CuteRecovery supports saving partition table as the traditional type MBR format as well as the GUID format. Before saving partition table, CuteRecovery will select a partition table type according to the disk and its partitions. If it chooses the wrong partition table type, you can change it to the original type.

Very Important: Before saving partition table, please make sure that all the partitions you want to recover and all the existing partitions you want to keep have been searched out. If your files are on those partitions which haven't been found, they will be damaged after saving partition table.