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CuteRecovery Help - Recover Files By Type

CuteRecovery recovers data by scanning disks or partitions continuously and analyzing internal file structure. This recovery mode is usually used to rescue data when the file system is badly damaged and file directory can not be rebuilt by normal file recovery function.

For example, a JPG file, when saved, always begins with the hexadecimal format header "FFD8FFE0" which is followed by its further information such as width, height and camera information. When CuteRecovery finds out "FFD8FFE0", it'll recover the following data as a JPG file.

After confirming the file header, CuteRecovery starts to analyze file structure and identify the size through certain algorithm; it goes on scanning until the file is recovered.

You can use the function when you "Recover Files From Partition" and "Recover Files From Disk". The following takes the "Recover Files From Partition" as an example:

Whole Partition File Recovery - Select a Partition

When you select partition on the first step of "Recover Files From Partition", you can check the option "Extra Search for Known File Types" and click the button "Select File Types" to open the following dialog box:

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Select all the types you want to recover and click "OK". In addition, You can click the corresponding column header to sort the types for fast locating file types.

Finishing scanning, Eassos recovery will display a tab named "File type" and put all files recovered by type in this part.

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Recovered files are classified by type and if files of a certain type exceed 1000, they will be put in another folder automatically.

You need to note that files recovered by this method loss their original names, for file names are saved in file system structure which is not analyzed when you recover files by type; all the recovered files are named by sequence numbers. To check whether these recovered files are the ones you want to recover, you have to preview them one by one.

Confirm files you want to recover and copy them out to a safe location.

The process of recovering files by type in the function "Recover Files From Disk" are the same as above.