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Eassos Recovery Help - Whole Disk Recovery

If the partition table is badly damaged, and partitions can not be found by the function "Recover Lost Partitions", you can use this function to search the disk directly. Eassos Recovery searches the whole disk, restores file directory as much as possible and classifies files by partition. This function applies to the situation that partition can not be recovered directly and files can not be recovered from partition directly.

To start recovering files from the whole disk, please click "Recover Files From Disk" on the main interface as below:

Whole Disk File Recovery - Start Wizard

This function is split into three steps: Select Disk, Select Files to Recover and Save Recovered Files.

Whole Disk File Recovery - All Steps

Please select the disk you want to recover files, and its information including capacity, model, and partitions will be displayed on the right panel.

Whole Disk File Recovery - Select Disk

If the selected disk is the one you want to recover files, then click the "Next" button. EassosRecovery will start searching files and enter next step - "Scan and select Files to recover".

During scanning, Eassos Recovery displays all partitions and files it finds out and the way it displays files is similar to Windows Explore: file directory is on the left and file list is on the right. There is a check box before every file or folder. Check all files and folders you want to recover and click "Recover" to copy files. When you click a file, there'll be a preview thumbnail of the file on the lower right part. Eassos Recovery supports previewing pictures, text files and Office documents, by which you can judge whether files can be successfully recovered.

Whole Disk File Recovery - Searching Result and Select Files to Recover

You can filter files by setting the name pattern after scanning, file attribute, file size and midify time. Set your options and then click the "Filter" button.

Eassos Recovery provides two ways to copy out the recovered files. One is the context menu. After checking the files and folders to be copied, right click the mouse button, a context menu will pop up. Then select "Copy to" and set a target folder to start copying. For more details, please refer to "Copy Files by Context Menu".

Another way to copy out recovered files is to follow the wizard. After selecting the files and folders, click the "Recover" button. Eassos Recovery will take you to the dialog to select the target folder, shown as below:

Whole Disk File Recovery - Select Folder

Click the "OK" button to start file copying. If you set the target folder to the disk which is recovering files, Eassos Recovery will pop up the following warning message:

Whole Disk File Recovery - Target Folder Warning

Please select another target folder.

"Save Recovered Files" is shown in the following.

Whole Disk File Recovery - Saving Files

File copying is completed:

Whole Disk File Recovery - Save File Complete

When the copy is done the button "Stop" disappears and buttons "Complete" and "Details" show up. You can click the "Details" button to display a "File Copy Report", and then click "Save" to save the copy report to a text file.

Whole Disk File Recovery - File Copy Report