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Eassos Recovery Help - Copy Files by Context Menu

When Eassos Recovery finishes scanning lost files or partitions, it displays all files it finds out. To recover these files, you have to copy them out. Please check files and folders you want to recover and right click mouse button to pop up the menu:

copy to

If you select "Copy to", Eassos Recovery will show the "Browse For Folder" dialog box; please select a folder to save files.

 browse for folder

To avoid secondary destruction, please do not set the target folder to the partition that is recovering data. If you do select such a folder, Eassos Recovery will pop up the following warning message:

copy files by context menu

Please select another folder to avoid damaging the partition which is recovering data. After selecting a folder, Eassos Recovery starts to copy files:

copying files

In the copying process, you can click "Stop" at any time to stop copying files. When the copy is done the button "Stop" disappears and buttons "Complete" and "Details" show up.

file copy conpleted

You can click "Details" to see "File Copy Report" and then click the button "Save" to save the report to a text file.