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CuteRecovery Help - Register

CuteRecovery shareware and you can download and try it for free.

If it is not registered, you can use it to search for data and preview files, such as pictures and text files; for those files that can not be previewed will be shown in hexadecimal format, and you can only recover files whose size are less than dozens of KBs; when recovering lost partitions, the partition table can not be saved.

If you love this program please buy and register. For how to buy this software, please visit the software website on "https://www.eassos.com/buy.php".

After getting the registration code, select "Register" on the menu and the "Register CuteRecovery" dialogue box will pop up.

Register CuteRecovery

Method 1: Register CuteRecovery online

Enter the License Code, License Name and License Email then click "Online Register" button. When you register successfully, the "Register CuteRecovery" dialogue box will be closed automatically.

Register CuteRecovery

Please note that the "License Name" and "License Email" you enter must be exactly the same as what you offered when you bought the license code.

Method 2: Register CuteRecovery Offline

If the computer you want to recover data cannot connect to the Internet, you can use the this method to activate the software.

1. Enter the License Code, License Name and License Email then click "Offline Register" button.

Register CuteRecovery

2. Click the "OK" button to generate offline registration files.

Register CuteRecovery

Specify a location to save offline registration files. You can save these files on a USB flash drive.

Register CuteRecovery

3. Click "OK" button and move these files to another computer which can access the Internet.

Register CuteRecovery

4. Double click the "OfflineReg.exe" file on the computer that can connect to the Internet, and click "Register Now" button.

Register CuteRecovery

5. Copy the new "Options.ini" file to back to the folder where CuteRecovery is installed and replace the existing one. Then the software will be registered successfully.