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Create Disk or Partition Image File

DiskGenius supports non-compressed disk and partition image file. Except compressed file DiskGenius can open any image files, such as ".img", ".ima", ".vfd" and ".flp"; and operate their files. The operation steps of creating image files are in the following:

Click "Disk"β†’"Create New Virtual Disk File" β†’"Create '.img' Image File". And DiskGenius will show the dialog box as below:

Dialog of Create Image File

Set file path, file name and capacity. You can select a capacity from the five built in standard floppy image size: 360K, 720K, 1.2M, 1.44M and 2.88M; also you can specify a capacity by yourself and then you can select an image type, "Disk Image" or "Partition Image". Disk Image is just like a real disk which can be repartitioned; Partition Image is similar to floppy disk image which can only be formatted not repartitioned. Click "OK" to make image files.

By default, DiskGenius will build bootable DOS system in the image when it is sreated. Thus, this bootable image file can be used to boot a virtual machine or make bootable CD. Due to the software copyright, DiskGenius adopts FreeDOS which is small, free and compatible with MS-DOS. If you do need to use MS-DOS system, you can just replace files of the folder "dos" in the directory of DiskGenius with MS-DOS system files.

Click the "OK"  button to create the image.

DiskGenius will open the image file when it is made, as follows. Besides, you can add other files to the image by using the function of copying files.

Load Image File