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Tips on data recovery

Data loss, don't go back to the plate in the new file.

If want to data recovery is in the disk C, and the system is broken, can't start system, so don't try to reload system or restore system, to have this hard disk come down and hang it on another computer as from the plate to recover.

File is missing, don't open the interrogating see any file, because the browser preview pictures in the time will be sent to this dish in data causing destruction.

Open the hint of division format, and can't format this disk operator, if format will destroy file recovery effect.

U disk into RAW format can not open, can't format or dosage tools in initial U disk, or it will destroy data.

File deletions, can put the scanning to restore the file to another dish identifiers.

Only a disk format, plate size without changes, such as the original is 20 G now also is 20 G, then the data can be recovered to another dish inside; If the division of size change, so must be returned to another physical hard disk to safety.

To partition or the same hard disk inside multiple partitions all formatting, must be returned to another physical hard disk inside, can't return to the same hard disk in other areas.

To all the data such as back to another dish or hard disks, want to open a file check carefully, make sure all of the recovery, can go to the original disk back inside kao, can't restore part of kao back to part, went to the original disk data will influence the next time covering data recovery.

If no other a large enough to save disk data, and have a LAN networking conditions, so can in other computer can write access has opened the Shared directory, restore to network neighbor Shared directory inside.