Position : Tips - Data Recovery? please do not do these things!

Data Recovery? please do not do these things!

In the process of data recovery is the most afraid of being wrong operation cause the second failure, causing difficulty back sharply. Data recovery process, prohibited to the original disk of writing new data inside.

Don't do DskChk disk check. General file system error, the system boots into the splash screen will be whether to do hint disk check, the default after 10 seconds began DskChk disk check operation, this operation can repair a few small damage sometimes directory file, but many will destroy the data. Because of complex directory structure it is can't repair. Repair, after a failed in the root directory will form FOUND. 000 such directory, and there are a lot of to. CHK for extension of the file. Sometimes these documents to a name can be restored, and sometimes they finished, especially the FAT32 drive or be NTFS large database files, etc.

Don't formatted partition again. The user first division division type change after format, cause loss of data, such as the original is the FAT32 drive case become NTFS partition, or it is the NTFS partition formatted into the FAT32 drive. After the loss of data, with general software can't scan the original directory format, just the partition again the type of original format will, again to scan the data. We pointed out that the second format will be the original partition type is a serious mistake operation, probably already have some big can restore the document to the damaged, permanent never recover.

Don't put the data directly back to the original disk. Many ordinary customers after deleting files, with general software recovery of direct reduction to file out of the original directory, the possibility of such damage original data is very large, so strictly prohibited direct reduction to the original disk.

Don't rebuild division operation. Partition table damage or division is deleted, if direct use partition table rebuilding tools established directly, or to format the partition, it is easy to destroy the original file distribution division table (FAT) or file (MFT), and other important form area, causing difficulty recovery increase greatly. We in the recovery in the course of practice met many times customers in the partition table destruction, the first to tried several partitions tools can recover the data before thought of looking for professional staff to help, as a result, we found that in many kinds of zoning tools function, destroyed some important directory file, cause file recovery incomplete directory, some big file cannot be restored. According to customer and of the first division of the lost, these documents can be generally fully recovered, really a pity. Professional data recovery personnel in the reconstruction partition table before they are positioning the location of the first division (logical sector number), then use sector view tool to check some important parameters such as division of the DBR/FAT/FDT/MFT, after confirmation of the modified partition table, and modifying the partition table in starting the process of system after would ban system DSKCHK do damage partition directory, to ensure that the data won't be destroyed.

Array don't do array heavy loss. We save the server in the practice of array met some network management in the server after collapse forced let array online, even if the hard drive also forced calls online, or directly to rebuilding. These operations are very dangerous, any written to the dish operation may destroy data.

Data loss, to need to restore the partition is strictly prohibited inside put new file. Had better be closed download tools, don't get to the Internet, unnecessary applications also turn off, and then to scan the recover the data. If the division is to restore the system division, when data files deleted after lost, if the computer inside have no such as database important data, we suggest you the computer directly without electricity, and, in the hard disk and then hang up other computer to restore, because in the shutdown or boot state, the operating system to system disk write the data inside, may disrupt the data.