Position : Tips - Data recovery exploring Part 2

Data recovery exploring Part 2 - Actual combat data recovery

The general memory data breaches, basically have the following reasons:
(1) natural disasters, such as flood, fire, earthquake, etc by lightning, caused by the destruction of the computer system, lead to store data were damaged or lost completely;
(2) using personnel adjustment;
(3) computer equipment hardware failure, including storage medium of aging, failure;
(4) virus infection causes data destruction;
(5) "hackers" program or software Bug to the destruction of the data.
We according to the cause of damage data, using different recovery method. Now we are in the most widely used hard disk, cd-rom, floppy disk and flash memory and other equipment, to talk about the specific data recovery work.

1. The hard disk data recovery

Hard disk as a carrier of the operating system, is the main place of program run, is also an important platform of exchange data. In use process, because of improper use, virus damages the causes such as loss of data of the most common phenomenon.

Recovery by the result of a damaged partition table data is lost

Recovery by the result of a damaged partition table lose data partition table records about the disk partition, important information is the most like to destroy the virus guide type of place. When hard disk partition table are destroyed, the system will not identify the partition, causing the hard disk partition lost, lead to cannot lead system. If not handled properly, may have lost all data on the hard drive. Sometimes the user will also because of partition software not familiar with, and thus wrong to delete a division, can cause the loss of data in each zone.

To solve the problems of the key, is not about how to restore the hard disk data, because the data area did not damage, only because of the hard disk partition table has changed and not normal visit, so the best repair methods is restore disk partition table. As long as you can recover right of hard disk partition table, can restore the hard disk all the data. Usually, such as using the software had a backup copy of hard Disk partition table information, just through the software will partition table reduction can (a lot of hard Disk tools have backup Disk partition table function, the authors recommend using Disk Genius, this software to all the Chinese interface, is so easy to use). But if was not previously backup partition table, only use software to rebuild the partition table (no matter use what method to repair the partition table, in the repair will be the first before must BIOS Virus protection function, that is close to "BIOS FEATURES SETUP" setting, will "Virus Warning" option is set to "Disabled", otherwise when partition table is modified, the system will alarm and hung, lead to repair the failure). Because of the operation of the partition table, will not affect the hard disk data area, so we can be in the backup original partition table, directly will new partition table written to the hard drive, and need not worry to the hard disk data the influence.

Restore the hard disk boot

The Lord of the hard disk boot sector is the most sensitive part of the hard drive, the master boot program used to test the correctness of the disk partition and determine activity zoning, responsible for the lead right over to activities division of the operating system. If hard disk the Lord direct program damage, will not be able to guide from the hard drive.

Restore deleted or format and error because of the loss of data

In the use of computer process, we are likely for use undeserved, accidentally delete some very important data. Sometimes even for wrong operation on the hard disk format, which caused heavy loss of data. In fact, when performing deleting files after the command, has said above, data area has not been cleared. Also, when hard disk partition is formatted, system also only will root directory area reset. Due to delete and format in the file name or operating just root directory area made some hands and feet, and the file data part didn't move, so if properly handled, use data recovery software, a completely have a chance to recover lost data.

In fact all manner of all kinds of data recovery software, are based on the same basis-the data of the data wasn't damaged, but according to data area of the existing information reduction out file list information. All kinds of data recovery software difference, only on the data after after restoring integrity rate of the differences, and produce the source of the difference, is the different software take different "algorithm". A good algorithm, it can greatly shorten the data recovery scanning the time needed, more can greatly improve the data integrity rate of the recovery. Therefore, the product data recovery software companies will put their own software algorithm as top secret, easily won't let a person know.