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How To Copy & Clone Partition To Partition

Clone partition is the process of creating an exact copy of one partition to another partition or hard drive, which enables you to copy anything includes Windows, programs, files, and settings. In other words, copy & clone partition is to backup, copy, clone, move or migrate data from old partition to new ones, so partition clone can avoid data loss caused by program error or some accidents.

How To Copy (Clone) Partition To Partition with DiskGenius?

Step 1
Launch DiskGenius, and on the main interface select items "Tools" and "Copy Partition" in sequence, as shown below:

clone partition

Step 2
On the following dialog box set source partition you want to clone and the target partition that saves the image file.

clone partition

One partition copy mode must be selected before DiskGenius starts the clone process, here the mode "Copy all files" is chosen.

PrtititonGuru provides three partition copy (clone) modes, i.e. copy all sectors, copy all valid sectors according to the layout of the file system and copy all files. The first two modes require that the source partition and the target partition should be the same in size, while the third mode does not. If the target partition isn't the same as the source partition, you can resize it to the same size as the source one with DiskGenius, which, of course, doesn't cause data loss. For detailed steps, you can refer to the article Resize Partition.

If the source partition is system partition (usually partition C), when cloning partition to partition, DiskGenius will automatically enter its DOS version; while if the target partition is system partition, then the entering DOS version should be operated manually: select items "File"-"Reboot to DiskGenius DOS version", as shown below:

clone partition

However, it is advised to use the function Backup Partition to Image File if you want to copy (clone) system partition, also you can refer to the article How to Ghost a Computer to back up system partition.

Step 3
Click the button "Start" and the following message box comes up:

clone partition

Step 4
Click "OK" and DiskGenius enters its DOS version and starts cloning partition, as follows:

clone partition

Wait until the process is completed, and then the partition is cloned to another partition.