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Eassos Recovery version history

1. Change user interface and support high-resolution displays (DPI adaptation). The interface display is no longer blurred when the software runs on 4K screens and laptops.
2. Add the support for Office VSDX file type.
3. Optimize the ability of reading disks that have bad sectors.
4. Optimize the file copy function and fix known issues.
5. Optimize file recovery result for NTFS partitions.
6. Fixed an issue that some CR3 files could not be previewed.
7. Fixed an issue that multiple duplicate files might be displayed under "Recovered Types".

1. After copying files, the modified and created date of target folders is consistent with original ones.
2. Improve accuracy of recovering files by type.
3. Enhance the function of recovering files from exFAT partitions.
4. File preview supports to open heif(.heic), cr3 photos and WPS document files.
5. Program icon on Taskbar displays progress for operation being executed.
6. Start to use an independent preview process and improve the stability of the main program.
7. Optimize the result of recovering deleted large files from NTFS partition.
8. Optimize the scanning results of recovering files from FAT32 partitions.
9. Optimize the scanning results of recovering files from NTFS partitions.
10. Optimize the speed of organizing directory structures for file recovery function.
11. Optimize the speed of loading the previous scanning progress for file recovery function.
12. Optimize the speed of opening File Copying Report dialog box.
13. Reduce the number of "Partition(Recognized)" in the scanning result of file recovery.
14. "Search for Known File Types" in File Recovery function adds support for prt, heic, 3dm, zpr, jdp, vs3d, ptb and cr3 file types.
15. Fixed an issue that file data of ole2, zip and rmvb file types under Recovered Types might be incorrect.
16. Fixed an issue for file copy function that stopped copying files when encountering some errors.

1. Enhance operations and control for file copy, supporting Skip, Pause and ways to handle preset errors, and supporting shutting down computer after file copy completes.
2. Enhance file recovery function for NTFS partitions.
3. Enhance recovery function for video format file of hard disk recorders.
4. Optimize user experience of file preview function.
5. Optimize the execution speed of NTFS file recovery.
6. Improve the displayed content for file copy details.
7. Fixed an issue on selecting files.
8. Fixed an issue that the program might stop responding when recovering files from NTFS partition.
9. Fixed an issue in some cases files under Recovered Types were not classified by extensions.
10. Fixed an issue in the function of FAT32 file recovery.

1. Optimize file recovery function for NTFS partition.
2. Optimize file recovery function for FAT32 partition.
3. Optimize lost FAT32 partition recovery.
4. Recovering file by type supports RAR5 file.
5. Fixed an issue for file recovery function that sometimes programs crashed during organizing files.
6. Fixed a bug that progress bar couldn't be stopped when registering application without connecting to the Internet.
7. Fixed an issue that it prompted scanning progress didn't match when loading specified scanning progress.

1. Improve file copy speed after file recovery.
2. Optimize NTFS file recovery result.
3. Improve file preview for Linux text file.
4. Fixed an issue that video file played abnormally when file preview skipped progress.

1. Improve stability for data recovery function.
2. The program automatically sets file name in line with recovery mode when saving scanning progress.
3. Unreadable files are skipped automatically without informing one by one when you copy recoverable files.
4. The scanning result switches to "File Type" tab automatically if there is no file listed under "Directory" tab after scanning.
5. Fixed an issue that the program crashed when recovering lost partitions.
6. Fixed an issue that disks were not displayed under Windows XP SP2 and older systems.

1. Add a feature that thumbnail preview files can be ordered by modified time.
2. The sort order does not change after switching file listing type between thumbnail and list.
3. Fixed an issue that the program wasn't displayed normally after launching from computer with low screen resolution.
4. The prompting content is changed to file name when placing mouse on file which is displayed in thumbnail mode.

1. File preview adds support for PDF file.
2. Change working mode for "Recover Files From Partition", improving accuracy and efficiency.
3. File Recovery feature adds a green recycle bin mark for file path which contains deleted data.
4. File Recovery allows previewing file content during scanning.
5. Optimize operations on selecting file.
6. Optimize scanning speed of file recovery feature.
7. Optimize execution speed of scanning lost partitions.
8. Optimize the thumbnail preview feature.
9. Improve file recovery accuracy for NTFS partition.
10. Fixed an issue that folders found after recovering deleted files may not have checkboxes.
11. Fixed a bug that sometimes file recovery feature couldn't copy 4GB-sized file.

1. Support NTFS partition whose cluster is larger than 128 sectors.
2. Optimize file recovery feature for exFAT partition.
3. Optimize recovery of NEF files.
4. Optimize selection operations on file list.
5. Fixed an issue that the selected folder number was incorrect.
6. Fixed an issue that sometimes the program corrupted when recovering files from FAT32 partition.
7. Fixed an issue that the directory structure might not be reorganized after stopping scanning process.
8. Fixed an issue that error might occur when copying file after scanning.
9. Fixed an issue that the justify of Size list changed from right-justify to left-justify after clicking Size title in files panel.

1. Improve file preview for text files and judge character encoding automatically.
2. Improve application stability.
3. Improve the support for mp4 files.

1. Support exFAT data recovery.
2. Enhance file recovery for FAT32 partition and improve success rate.
3. "Recover Files From Partition" becomes able to recover files from entire USB flash drive directly.
4. When searching for lost partitions, it won't prompt "this is a logical partition" if the ending location is beyond 2TB range.
5. File filter dialog box remembers last settings automatically.
6. Optimize interface details.
7. Fixes an issue that files couldn't be previewed when recovering deleted files from FAT32 partition.
8. Fixes an issue that application couldn't copy files to network computer.
9. Fixes an issue for file recovery that in some situations application didn't update scanning result immediately after loading scanning progress.
10. Fixes an issue that in some cases software couldn't be registered online.

1. File copy supports extremely long file path.
2. Reduces the possibility that software stopped responding during scanning files.
3. Files under "Orphaned Files" are not marked with "?".
4. Recovered partition doesn't show drive letter.
5. Optimizes the time when "Stop" and "Continue" buttons start work.
6. Supports register on tablet devices.
7. Corrects a mistake that the program failed to display progress correctly when recovering deleted files from NTFS partition.
8. Fixes an issue that selection status was incorrect after scanning FAT partition.
9. Fixes an issue that file directory tree failed to refresh automatically when scanning entire disk.
10. Fixes a bug that files couldn't be copied out when illegal file name existed.
11. Fixes an issue that software sometimes corrupted when it restarted rescanning after clicking "Back".
12. Fixes a bug that some recovered files were repeated after loading recovery progress when recovering deleted files from FAT partition.
13. Fixes an issue that software didn't update the way pictures display after switching to "Thumbnail" mode.
14. Fixes an issue that software corrupted when the drive being scanning was removed from computer.

1. The thumbnail file view mode shows file names on unloaded files.
2. Disable the Preview feature of context menu under thumbnail mode.
3. Fixed the bug that the program might corrupt when previewing ico files which contained incorrect content.
4. Fixed a problem that the recovery menu didn't work under thumbnail view mode after scanning process stopped.
5. Fixes a problem that pop-up menu was inconsistent under thumbnail and list mode.

1. It is designed with fresh new user interface and improves user experience.
2. Data recovery feature doesn't filter partition when it finds out too few partitions, in order to avoid missing desired partition.
3. Fixes a bug that program corrupted occasionally when recovering files by type.
4. Improves file recovery feature which was unable to display file number exactly after loading recovery progress.
5. Fixes a bug that program might freeze while searching for lost data.

1. Fault tolerance in this program works on GUID partition table, which supports loading problematic GUID partition table.
2. "Recovered Types" section in the recovery result is classified to facilitate file lookup.
3. Optimizes file recovery result for "Recovered Types", filtering out files that are obviously abnormal.
4. Improves File Recovery feature and program stability, supporting certain seriously damaged cases.
5. Adds "Preview" button on file list area to facilitate file preview.
6. Rectifies an issue that in some cases the program couldn't display percentage correctly after reloading file recovery progress.
7. Fixes an issue that it didn't display progress bar when rescanning files.
8. Fix a bug that program exited unusually when recovering lost files.

1. Display files it just finds out for file preview during file scanning.
2. Add "Pause" button so that files can be saved when file scanning pauses. Besides, users are allowed to continue scanning after file scanning pauses.
3. Improve success rate of data recovery.
4. Increase file copy speed.
5. Prompts during file scanning are more accurate.
6. Fix a bug that program stopped working when previewing certain pictures.
7. Fix errors happened to file copy step in some cases.

1. Optimizes file recovery function, filtering invalid partitions and speeding up arranging files.
2. Increases file scanning speed of recovering deleted files from NTFS partitions.
3. It is able to save scanning progress when the program recovers deleted files.
4. Recovered Typed doesn't display files that overlaps with files from normal directory structure.
5. It adds confirmation message for operations "Back", "Home" and "Close" when the program is scanning and displaying files.
6. Fixes a bug that it failed to show the exact folder number on the right-bottom interface.
7. Fixes a problem that the mark ".." showed on the right column after folding or unfolding the file directory tree.
8. Fixes an issue that all files were filtered out after emptying the filtering condition Name.
9. Fixes a bug that program corrupted when previewing certain pictures.
10. Redresses an issue that the statistics of selected files were not accurate when recovering files.

1. Improves the stability.
2. The folder "Recovered Types (Recognized)" always shows after files are filtered by Modify Time.
3. The currently-clicked file can be checked and copied automatically when users copy files via context menu and no file is selected.
4. Shows result of saving partition table when the function "Recover Lost Partitions" is completed.
5. Responds to actions of connecting and disconnecting disks and updates interface instantly.
6. Statistics display in the bottom of interface when files or folders are selected in file list.
7. There is no need to restart the program after Offline Register, and it can be registered after the file Options.ini is copied to its directory.
8. Addresses a bug that program couldn't start when some USB flash drive was connected.
9. Fixes a bug that information followed hard drive icon under disk partition structure area couldn't show fully.
10. Rectifies a problem that F1 key couldn't open online manual though internet is connected.
11. Fixes a bug that it couldn't open vmdk disk which was larger than 500 GB and splited by 2GB.

1. The mark ".." is added in file list area and used to return to parent directory by double clicking.
2. It prompts user to save files first if the saving of partition table may lead to system crash or screen blue which happens when location and size of system     partition change.
3. Fixed the BUG that when recovering deleted files, "Recovered By Type" directory disappeared after clicking partition name on the left panel.
4. Fixed the BUG that when searching for lost partitions, it showed information partially after finding an extended partition.
5. Fixed the BUG that in some cases the program couldn't copy files after register.

1. Optimized read and write to hard drives that have bad sectors and increased scanning speed for data recovery.
2. The menu of copying files was added when users right click folders of file directory tree on the left interface.
3. Fixed the bug that program might crash when it recovered files by file type if TIFF file came up.

1 The function "recover files by type" increases the support of sldprt file type produced by SolidWorks.
2. Rectified the problem that the file recovery function still copied files that had been filtered.
3. Improved the support of differential VHD disks.
4. Rectified the problem that sometimes disk couldn't be seen when it had bad sectors and it was recognized as "uninitialized" in disk management.
5. Fixed the bug that the program stopped searching lost partitions when meeting bad sectors.
6. Fixed the bug that large BMP files couldn't be previewed.

1. Added Japanese language support.
2. When previewing files, the program supports more video and audio file types.
3. Added supporting Hyper-V VHDX virtual disk.
4. More file types were added when the program searches for known file types: 3g2, m4v, mmf, X3F, M4R, AIF, MKV, MTS, WRF, WMF, VFB, VNT, IPA, PXL, GP5, VEG, DRW, QQ chatting records (.DB), etc.
5. Removed the BUG that the folder "Recovered Types" wasn't displayed when the program was recovering deleted files.
6. Rectified the problem that sometimes NTFS partitions couldn't be searched out.
7. Removed the BUG that in some circumstances when recovering files the program corrupted.

1.It strengthened the function of recovering files of NTFS partitions.
2.It can preview video files.
3.After it recovers files, file size on the file list panel is displayed in black instead of different colors classified by size.
4.It rectified the problem that when it found out partitions of GPT disk it couldn't save the partition table if there were less than 34 free sectors on the rear and front part of the disk.

1. When you are searching for lost partitions and you ignore the partition searched out, the opened preview window will be closed in case of something abnormal.
2. It rectified the problem that it didn't filter the display of normal files after recovering deleted files.
3. It rectified the BUG that when recovering NTFS zip files it couldn't go on recovering other files if file copying appeared errors.
4. It rectified the problem that in some cases it couldn't load all the files in FAT32 partition.
5. It rectified the problems that when recovering deleted files from FAT32 partition, files large than one cluster can't be copied.

1. Speeded up the searching process for lost partitions.
2. Fixed: When recovering deleted files the files in the root directory could not be previewed and copied.
3. Fixed: The file selecting state is not refreshed in some circumstances.
4. While recovering files, if the program can not automatically save the recovery progress when the program was installed on the partition that recovering files, the program will prompt the user to save the scan progress to other partition.

1. Add "Extra Search for Known File Types" option when using "Recover Deleted Files" recovery mode, to recover files according to specified types from free space.
2. Optimized bad sectors processing, improving the program's speed obviously when there are lots of bad sectors in disk.
3. Save the bad sectors records automatically when the program closed. Load the bad sectors records automatically when the program openned.
4. While recovering files, if the program can not automatically save the recovery progress when the program was installed on the partition that recovering files, the program will prompt the user to save the scan progress to other partition.
5. Fix the bug that the "Select all", "Unselect all" and "Reverse Select" buttons in "Select File Types to Recover" window are invalid while the file types tree are not full expended.
6. When error on copying files, add "Skip All" and "Ignore All" button on the message dialog for skipping or ignoring these errors.

1. More file types supported under recover files by types mode.
2. Support Office documents recovered file preview, including Word Excel and PPT.
3. Support recovered file preview in real size.
4. Bugs fixed.

1. Support recover files by type(also called RAW Recovery).
2. Can save recovery progress to a specified file.
3. Speed up the preview process of RAW photo image files.
4. Bugs fixed.

1. Support the virtual disk format of Virtual PC and VirtualBox.
2. Enhanced the function of Recover Files From Partition.
3. Enhanced the function of Recover Lost Partitions.
4. Add a file filter panel on the Select Files screen.
5. When recover files from disk, users can specify a scanning range. That is, if you only want to recover files from a part of the disk, scanning the whole disk is not required.
6. Several bugs fixed.