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Eassos Photo Recovery Help - Recover Deleted Photos

When a photo or picture is deleted from storage device or emptied from Recycle Bin, it is not totally removed from storage device. In fact, it is only marked as "Deleted" and disk space it occupied is tagged as "Free" so that the space can be used to store new data. Therefore, deleted photo still stays on storage device being invisible to system before it is overwritten by new data. Photo recovery software is able to scan entire disk space and restore deleted photos from various storage media. Let's see the deleted photo recovery process.

Start Eassos Photo Recovery and you'll see the recovery wizard. Then select drive or partition that stored deleted photos and click "Next" button.

photo recovery

The photo recovery software starts scanning selected storage device.

photo recovery

This recovery program displays recoverable files it just finds out during file scanning process. Users are allowed to view and preview listed files. Besides, the file scanning process can pause and resume scanning according to users' schedule. In that case, if you find out desired photos or pictures, you can pause scanning process and save needed files.

File preview: File preview is available during or after file scanning process. You can click folders listed under the file directory area on the left interface to view thumbnails. Also you can double click any thumbnail to preview picture with original size.

preview files

Filter Files: Eassos Photo Recovery offers file filter feature which helps users to filter photos and find out needed files quickly. File filter can be performed after setting certain parameters like size, date, resolution, name and extension, as follows:

filter files

When you find lost photos, you can pause or stop file scanning and save deleted photos: select photos and click "Recover" button.

restore deleted photos

Set target folder to save recovered photos and click "Next" button. Note that the target folder shouldn't be the location that needs recovering files, otherwise lost files might be overwritten.

set target folder

After selected photos are saved successfully, you can click "Complete" button to finish the recovery.

copy deleted photos