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2020-10-27 12:59:34

"test if review legit"



2018-05-02 18:19:22


2018-04-16 12:29:24

"Amazing. Worked when all others failed. Love it. Just purchased it to support your company."



2018-02-22 10:02:08


2018-02-12 14:30:17

"my pendrive is not detecting in my laptop"

"my pen drive not partition"


2018-02-08 17:12:35

Costin Botescu

2018-01-21 14:03:19

"Excellent complex and easy windows tool"

"Powerful partition manager with detailed information about disk!"


2017-10-21 02:28:13


2017-06-07 23:44:30

"I'm very pleased and surprised that I am still able to recover so many of my files from a 2tb drive with damage partition. I have tried a lot of programs for the past 3 days and none can fix my partition nor get my data and it's folder structure intact. Tried PartitionGuru free but I was very very skeptical spending something that other programs cannot still get and deliver what I am seeking for. Other programs giving me damage large iso data despite a full copy. 3rd last day I went back to PartitionGuru and I can see small image files are fine though I cannot get the large data iso since I need to buy it first. I already forget about fixing the partition and thought of forgetting the 2tb data drive either and just move on but to the last minute I made a last gamble of purchasing PartitionGuru and just refund if doesn't recover anything at all. And glad I made the right choice spending on it. Might seem costly but I think it's all worth it since I am able to get all my data and it's folder structure correctly. No regret on my last gamble to buy PartitionGuru. This can become handy on my future hard drive disaster. Thank you very much Eassos PartitionGuru! "

"All of a sudden, my folders started disappearing; and before I realized what was happening, some important files were "gone!" I found PartitionGuru and tried to recover. Well, actually, I originally purchased the wrong tool - no problem, Support fixed that for me. Then I found that one of the file types I needed to recover (Quicken) was not on their list of supported types. At that point, we worked together to identify the correct data structure, Support made some changes and suddenly PartitionGuru found my Quicken (QDF) files. I am extremely pleased with both PartitionGuru and the EASSOS support staff - the software is great and the support is superb. They found files that were so badly damaged that their names were no longer retrievable. I can't say enough about this excellent operation."

Wayne Headrick

2017-05-03 00:02:53

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