CuteRecovery Free


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Ehab Aboatia

2022-02-10 03:34:34


"شكرا "

محمود الشرقاوي

2022-01-15 20:19:20

Manoj Kumar

2021-12-22 19:01:08

"want partitioning software"

"The best data recovery software! It recovered 99% files from my flash drive which asks to be formatted. "


2021-10-13 15:17:05

Dan Hughes

2021-05-23 15:21:28

"I accidentally deleted an entire book I had written and my backup on another USB was 8 weeks old. I tried Cuda, Disk Drill and EaseUS (the worst) that only found 2 or three corrupted files. Eassos found over 300 good files and saved me months of work. Could not be happier. "

"Anothr company offering a free version that takes all night to find your data, then you hit the Recover button and it gives you 1Mb of your data then says if you want the rest you have to give us money...Don't advertise it as a free version if it's actually just a way to extort money out of people!!!!!! Rip Off..."

John James

2021-05-21 15:52:00


2020-03-01 17:41:18

"Helped save my overwritten data on my USB, thank you!"

"Thanks I found a problem , will you please help me .. In Android recovery when I click next it shows message. (Program terminAt unexpectedly) Use high quality usb cable. I have changed several cables but still same problem.. "


2020-01-26 10:37:36


2019-09-12 07:31:41

"will this help me recover app data that was on the sd card "

"I need the recovery code pls"


2019-03-20 14:41:23

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