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Eassos Android Data Recovery version history

1. Improve application stability.
2. Fixes an issue that in some cases software couldn't be registered online.

1. Unreadable files are skipped automatically without informing one by one when you copy recoverable files.
2. Improve file preview for Linux text file.
3. Fixed an issue that video file played abnormally when file preview skipped progress.

1. Optimize recovery of NEF files.
2. Optimize selection operations on file list.
3. Fixed an issue that the selected folder number was incorrect.
4. Fixed an issue that the justify of Size list changed from right-justify to left-justify after clicking Size title in files panel.

1. Improve file preview for text files and judge character encoding automatically.
2. Improve application stability.
3. Improve the support for mp4 files.

1. Support exFAT data recovery.
2. Enhance file recovery for FAT32 partition and improve success rate.
3. File filter dialog box remembers last settings automatically.
4. Improve application stability.
5. Optimize interface details.
6. Fixes an issue that files couldn't be previewed when recovering deleted files from FAT32 partition.
7. Fixes an issue that sometimes creating image failed.
8. Fixes an issue that application couldn't copy files to network computer.
9. Fixes an issue that in some cases software couldn't be registered online.

1. Improves connection stability between cellphone and software.

1. Files under "Orphaned Files" are not marked with "?".
2. Fixes an issue that selection status was incorrect after file scanning.
3. Fixed some display problems on interface.

1. It is compatible with Android 2.3 (or earlier) up to the latest version and supports almost all Android brands.
2. Eassos Android data recovery software allows users to recover data from built-in storage as well as SD card of Android devices.
3. It supports recovery of photos, documents, music, messages, audio & video files and other stuff from Android devices.
4. It has user-friendly recovery wizard that guides through the entire recovery process.
5. Scanning progress can be saved so that you can load it next time and continue scanning instead of scan from beginning.
6. This recovery software enables users to preview lost files before actual recovery so that you can selectively recover what you want.