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PartitionGuru PartitionGuru

Complete disk management toolkit helps manage partitions, recover lost files, backup data, repair bad sectors, permanently erase data, etc.

Eassos System Restore Eassos System Restore

Reliable Windows backup software protects your operating system, applications and data against damage, human error, system crash, etc.

Eassos Recovery Eassos Recovery

Eassos data recovery software provides effective solutions to deleted file recovery, damaged or formatted partition recovery, digital media recovery, etc.


EASSOS PartitionGuru Professional

All-around partition manager software helps you recover lost data, resize/split partition, backup files, edit hex data, check bad sectors, manage virtual disks, erase data, etc.

Recover deleted files, Partition manager and Windows backup - PartitionGuru

Why Choose Eassos PartitionGuru Pro Version

recovery data

Easily recover deleted or lost data and partitions

Partition Manager

Safely resize / split partitions without data loss

Data Backup

Backup or clone partition & disk to protect data

More Features

More powerful features are available for professionals.

File Recovery and Partition Recovery

Recover deleted and lost files from HDD, virtual disk and any external storage devices.

Retrieve lost data from reformatted, inaccessible or damaged partitions or hard drive.

Restore lost partitions due to deletion, hard drive failure, system crash, etc.

Reconstruct virtual RAID and recovers data just like from local disks.

A full-featured hexadecimal editor is included to serve advanced data recovery.

File Recovery and Partition Recovery File Recovery and Partition Recovery File Recovery and Partition Recovery File Recovery and Partition Recovery File Recovery and Partition Recovery File Recovery and Partition Recovery File Recovery and Partition Recovery

Efficient Partition Manager

Partition management

Easy to create, format, delete, hide, active partitions with simple steps.

Safely resize, extend and split NTFS, FAT32 and exFAT partition without losing data.

Merge unallocated disk space to an existing partition.

Convert function

Convert disk between MBR and GPT disk.

Convert primary partition to logical or logical to primary.

Convert virtual disk format

Convert Dynamic disk to basic disk with all data protected.

Data Recovery Data Recovery Data Recovery

Data & system backup

Backup any partition to an image file and restore data when partition is corrupted.

Both full backup and incremental backup are supported.

Clone partition, HDD or virtual disk in file level or sector level.

Back up partition table and boot sectors of all partitions on the disk to a file.

More Useful Functions

Check and repair bad sectors for all kinds of storage devices.

Permanently delete existing or lost files so that they can’t be recovered.

View S.M.A.R.T. status information for your hard drives.

Check whether partitions on your computer are 4K aligned.

Format multiple USB drives at the same time.


Partition manager
Eassos PartitionGuru is a basic partition manager with a particular focus on data recovery. If the recovery functions work on your system then it could be very useful.
Partition manager
You can protect your system by backing up a drive’s partition table, ready for easy restoration later, while there are options to clone an individual partition or an entire hard drive.
Partition manager
Eassos PartitionGuru Free is an easy-to-use hard drive manager which can create, resize, split, extend, clone or recover partitions.
Partition manager
The program can not only be used for managing partitions, but also for recovering data, formatting, creating and deleting partitions.
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