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Eassos System Restore Help - Boot Options

You can run Eassos System Restore under Windows and perform system restore. Besides, you can use the following two methods to start the program so that system can be done under any circumstance.

1.You can press F3 key to run Eassos System Restore before system is booted. The shortcut key F3 can be changed to other keys like F4, F5, etc.

boot screen

2. USB bootable disk of Eassos System Restore.

When you backup system, the boot option mentioned above is installed by default. If you don't like that boot style, you can unselect it when making advanced settings.

If no boot option is installed, you can follow steps here to install one so that you can perform system restore when Windows crashes.

Click the menu on the main interface and select item "Install Eassos System Restore Boot Options", as follows:

install menu

Select the first option on the message box below and click "Options" button.

startup settings

You can set up details about the boot option to be installed on the tab Boot and click "OK", as blow:

boot options

Delete boot option

Click menu on the main interface and select "Uninstall Eassos System Restore" item.

uninstall menu

Select "Uninstall boot options of Eassos System Restore" on the uninstall windows.

unstall ESR

Make USB bootable disk

Connect USB flash drive to computer via USB port. Then click menu on main interface and select option "Make USB Bootable Disk for Eassos System Restore", as following screenshot:

make bootable disk menu

Select the USB flash drive you inserted and click "OK" button.

make USB bootable disk