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Position : Tips - How to resize a partition with PartitionGuru

How To Resize A Partition

In the process of using computer, many users will encounter the problem that they need to resize partition, for example, the space of system partition often becomes inadequate, which may affect computer performance. In such a situation, the partition resize will be a better choice compared with the system reinstallation. Usually, users consider using windows built-in disk management tool to resize partition, which, however, will delete files of the partition.

This article will teach users how to resize a partition without data loss. Now all you need is an excellent disk and partition management tool PartitionGuru, so that you can safely resize and split partitions without losing data. The partition resize process is straightforward and takes a very short time.

Partition Resize Step 1:

Download PartitionGuru and install it. Get PartitionGuru started to bring the following interface which shows the current partitions state, as follows:

partition resize with PartitionGuru

Partition Resize Step 2:

Right click the partition and on the context menu choose the item "Resize Partition", as shown below:

partition resize with PartitionGuru

Then a dialog box as the following picture will pop up:

partition resize with PartitionGuru

Partition Resize Step 3:

Set partition size.
Usually the partition resize involves two partitions, for partition resize is the transferring free space form one partition to another.
Partition E here reduces by 10GB which is added to Partition F, as in the picture below:

partition resize with PartitionGuru

Partition Resize Step 4:

Click the button "Start" and a message box comes up:

partition resize with PartitionGuru

If the partition being resized is system partition, the program will enter its DOS version and reboots Windows when the partition resize is completed.

Partition Resize Step 5:

Click "Yes" and PartitionGuru starts to resize partition, showing its operations in the following dialog box:

partition resize with PartitionGuru

Partition Resize Step 6:

Users will get the following dialog box when the partition resize is finished; click the button "complete":

partition resize with PartitionGuru

Partition resize is completed successfully, and the following picture shows the present partition state:

partition resize with PartitionGuru

The partition resize with PartitionGuru doesn't cause data loss; besides, a partition can be divided into two partitions without losing data and for detailed steps, please refer to the article Split Partition.

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