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Free data recovery software

, easy-to-use and as powerful as its full version, recovers up to 1GB data for free.
Free version of PartitionGuru,all-in-one solution for data recovery, partition management, system restore and disk utilities.

Eassos Recovery is easy-to-use, powerful and effective data recovery software that helps you recover lost files and partitions either deleted or formatted.


PartitionGuru provides comprehensive functions such as data recovery, partition management, partition backup and restore, etc. It is preferred by computer professionals.


Best system backup and restore software, efficient and reliable! Incremental backup is available, and yet the wizard interface makes it easy to use!


Company News


Eassos Recovery updated! The new version V3.7.2 improved in all respects to serve you better.

Eassos System Restore updated to 1.2.3, which allows to backup system to external disk in WinPE.
PartitionGuru updated to 4.5.0, optimizing read and write ability to disks that have bad sectors.
"Thanks a lot for providing such a wonderful data recovery tool. 200 pictures were recovered!"
Roger Tengler, North Sydney, Australia
"I was so lucky to get your program and successfully recovered my videos. Thank you everybody!"
Zelda Rivet, Amarillo, US
"Your software is amazing, so versatile and user friendly. It helped me a lot, I cannot thank you enough."
Benoit Boehringer, Henstedt Ulzburg, Germany
"It’s the best program ever, which recovered all my lost files, and I’ve introduced it to all my friends."
Prathom Seabra, Brentwood, US


Eassos Recovery or PartitionGuru? Choose the right software to recover files and partitions.

If you are hesitating to make a choice between Eassos Recovery and PartitionGuru for data recovery, then you can follow our advice:

Eassos Recovery is the best choice for home user who doesn’t know so many computer skills and wants to recover lost data once in a while, for the program comes with wizard interface which guides you through the recovery process step by step for each available data recovery mode.

PartitionGuru will be the most proper decision if you are computer expert, data recovery professional or technician. PartitionGuru packs with comprehensive and professional functions for data recovery, partition manager and backup. It not only includes all functions of Eassos Recovery, but also supports RAID recovery, BitLocker partition recovery, sector edit, partition management, backup and restore, etc. It’s cost-effective!

Little About Us     

Eassos is a leading software development company established in 2010, which focuses on data recovery, partition management and backup and restore solutions. Its programs are widely preferred by millions of users all over the world and if you are troubled by data loss, Eassos will be the data recovery expert with you.

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