Best Data Recovery Software And Recovery Of Lost Files

Updated on November 24th, 2020

Losing files from computer or other devices is annoying. The sure thing is that we’ll look for lost files from Recycle Bin first. From time to time, files get deleted especially when you are working under stress or distracted by other matters. It’ll be perfect if all deleted files can be restored easily from Recycle Bin. However, Recycle Bin can’t save you from file loss trouble all the time. Then you’ll have to start searching for the file from the entire hard drive to see whether they are moved to another location. However, most of times this doesn’t work.

File searching performed by Windows Explorer can only find files that already exist on hard drive. Whereas, lost files such as deleted or formatted files can be found by this method. Another option for recovery of lost files is using best data recovery software which is able to scan appointed disk area or partition to look for missing data. Eassos Recovery searches local drive or USB drives for deleted and formatted files or files that are lost due to unknown reason. What you should be informed first is that you’ll get slim chance if you install applications or saving data to the drive that is undergoing data loss.

Some software like PartitionGuru provides the function of making bootable USB disk for the emergency that computer can’t boot. Users can use the bootable disk to boot crashed computer, after which users are able to start the recovery software and carry out file recovery or partition recovery. One thing you should bear in mind that operating system can’t be recovered or repaired by data recovery software, which has to be restored from backup image or reinstalled. Another solution to recover corrupted computer is to make its hard drive connected to another computer as secondary drive. Then data recovery will be easier.

Recovery of lost data caused by hard drive bad sector is also common although some users are not familiar with it. Bad sector may lead to inaccessibility of partition or hard drive, then files won’t be available for common access. As best data recovery software provider, Eassos makes its recovery programs feasible to recover bad hard drives and retrieve lost files.

The best way of recovering lost files and data is to use data recovery software which is easy and time-saving. Let’s see the actual steps of recovering lost data.

Step 1: Download and install Eassos Recovery. Then get it started for recovery.Best Data Recovery Software

Step 2: Select recovery mode based on file loss situation.

Step 3: Select the partition or drive in question and click “Next” to scan.Best Data Recovery Software

Step 4: View and save lost files.Best Data Recovery Software