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Complete disk management toolkit helps manage partitions, recover lost files, backup data, repair bad sectors, permanently erase data, etc.

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Eassos data recovery software provides effective solutions to deleted file recovery, damaged or formatted partition recovery, digital media recovery, etc.

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Recover Files By Type

Sometimes data is damaged so badly that ordinary recovery mode isn't satisfying. Then, PartitionGuru provides an ultimate way to data recovery, i.e. recover files by type.

This function is quite powerful. It supports more than 100 file types, so the recovery result is great; besides, it is very convenient to use.

PartitionGuru has two ways of recovering files by type. In the mode of recovering deleted files or formatted files, PartitionGuru provides an additional function, searching for files by type, and displays file list in the scanning result; besides, PartitionGuru provides a mode, recovering files by type, which can output document directly. This mode, comparing the first one, is much more flexible. For example, it can search free space and appoint data's align position.

To recover files by type, select the partition which you want to recover files, then click "Tools" and "Recover Files by Type" on the main menu.

recover files by type

In the pop-up dialog box, you can set some parameters of the recovery mode, for example, you can choose "Free Clusters Only" which fits conditions like deletion, partition is partly overwritten, etc.

recover files by type

Click the button "Select File Types" to set specific file type; PartitionGuru defaults all file types and you can choose several types from them.

recover files by type

Finish searching, files will be sorted by type, and every type has one or more folders named by their file type; every folder can contain 1000 files at most.

Files founded by this method will loss their names, and PartitionGuru names these files by numbers. If you want to see whether they are the files you want to recover, you can judge by their size or previewing one by one.

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