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Complete disk management toolkit helps manage partitions, recover lost files, backup data, repair bad sectors, permanently erase data, etc.

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Reliable Windows backup software protects your operating system, applications and data against damage, human error, system crash, etc.

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Eassos data recovery software provides effective solutions to deleted file recovery, damaged or formatted partition recovery, digital media recovery, etc.

Position : Tips - Data recovery price

Data recovery price

When you want to recover data, data recovery price is a very important reference factor to determine what kind of data recovery you will choose. How to cost an affordable data recovery price to complete the data recovery task? This article will give you some help.

Data recovery company

As you know, data recovery price is very expensive if you let a professional data recovery company to recover the data for you.

Google key word "data recovery", you will see a lot of data recovery professional company providing data recovery services, the data recovery price of the service is very high, the starting price is $200 or above, that price is only for the simplest data reocvery case. Data recovery price ofen exceeds $1000 for some complex cases.

data recovery price
Professional data recovery companies in Google ads

In addition to the data recovery price payed to data recovery company, you need spend money and time to go to the data recovery company, which make more cost to the data recovery price with professional data recovery company.

So, we don't recommend you let data recovery company do the data recovery job, the data recovery price is too high! Unless the hard disk has been physical damaged or you don't care the data recovery price at all!

Data recovery software - Do it yourself

The data recovery method that we recommand is: choosing a data recovery software, recover the data yourself, recover the data this way, you can afford data recovery price.

What? recover data myself, data recovery requires Complex knowledge and lots of experience, can I do the job?

Not wrong, we suggest that you recover the data yourself with data recovery software. Now, data recovery software's functions are very powerful, and many of them are using the wizard type interface, very easy to use, even if you are not professional, also can quickly learn to use data recovery software and recover the data quickly. in fact, many professional data recovery companies also use data recovery software to recover the data.

Further more, some data recovery softwares allow you in certain conditions, free recover the data, such, if lucky enough, your data recovery price is free!

From download sites, for example, or etc, or in the Google, enter the keywords "data recovery software", you can find lots of data recovery software, then, isn't it just find a cheap one, then you can recover the data?

Unfortunately, not! there are many data recovery softwares, but among them, some softwares' data recovery effect is not good; some softwares' operations are too complex, not suitable for ordinary users; some softwares' price are too expensive and even more than the professional data recovery company's data recovery price. Therefore, you must carefully choose one suitable software to recover the data, then you can complete data recovery job with the best data recovery price.

Below, we selected five data recovery softwares for you, you can choose one of them to recover data with afforded data recvery price.

Eassos Recovery

Data recovery price : $39.95 download Eassos Recovery

data recovery price
Eassos Recovery main interface

Eassos Recovery is a powerful and ease to use data recovery software, it costs only $39.95.

main feature:

- Recover files...
- Recover Partitions...
- Step by step wizard interface...
- Virtual disk supported...
- Windows 7 compatible and GPT supported...

I strongly recommand you using Eassos Recovery to recover data.

Eassos PartitionGuru

Data recovery price : $69.95 download Eassos PartitionGuru

data recovery price
Eassos PartitionGuru main interface

Eassos PartitionGuru is an all-in-one solution for data recovery and partition management, it costs $69.95.

main feature:

- Recover files...
- Recover Partitions...
- RAID Recovery...
- Verify and repair bad track...
- Manage partitions...
- Backup and restore partitions...
- Clone disk...
- Manage virtual disk...
- Delete files permanently...
- Create bootable usb flash disk...
- Backup and restore windows like ghost...
- Dos version PartitionGuru embeded...

Eassos PartitionGuru is a charming tool, using it, you will love it!

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