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Eassos System Restore Help - Uninstallation

It is very convenient to uninstall Eassos System Restore, which provides two uninstallation approaches: uninstall from the menu of main interface; uninstall the program form Windows Start menu.

1.Uninstall Eassos System Restore from its menu of main interface

Click the menu item on the main interface and select the item "Uninstall Eassos System Restore".

Check item you want to delete and click the button "OK", as in the picture below:

The first two items are boot options which are explained clearly in article Boot Options; the third option is to delete backup files and the last one it to delete the program itself. Check these four items and Eassos System Restore will be deleted from computer completely.

2. Uninstall Eassos System Restore from Windows Start menu

Select "Uninstall Eassos System Restore" as shown below:

The message box "Uninatall System Restore" will come up too, from which you can select items you want to delete. But this method requires the program itself should be uninstalled, thus you don't need to check the last option.