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Eassos System Restore Help - Others

Eassos System Restore also provides some supporting functions, which will be introduced one by one:


Click the "Skin" button on the main interface to change interface style, as follows:

Click the menu button and you'll see several options. Besides those that have been explained in the manual, there are still some other functions as in the picture below:

2.Show disk details

It displays computer's disk and partition information.

3.Repair Eassos System Restore installed in hidden partition

If the boot option that starts Eassos System Restore by pressing F11 key before Windows is started gets damaged, you can use the function to repair it.

4.Delete backup file (time point)

This function can delete backup file or a certain time point.

5.Rebuild master boot record (MBR)

If the prompt "Press F11 to run Eassos System Restore" still comes up even after the program is uninstalled, you can use this function to reinstall the program and rebuild master boot record (MBR) without backing up system and then uninstall the program.