PartitionGuruEassos System RestoreEassos Recovery

PartitionGuru PartitionGuru

Complete disk management toolkit helps manage partitions, recover lost files, backup data, repair bad sectors, permanently erase data, etc.

Eassos System Restore Eassos System Restore

Reliable Windows backup software protects your operating system, applications and data against damage, human error, system crash, etc.

Eassos Recovery Eassos Recovery

Eassos data recovery software provides effective solutions to deleted file recovery, damaged or formatted partition recovery, digital media recovery, etc.

PartitionGuru Free


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Reba Rice Moss

2017-04-06 06:19:06

"recover my computer"

"Today i wanted to repair my HD like the good old DOS days under Win 10. Searching everything on internet, Eassos was the last thing i found, on a very dubios site (after seeing all the expensive one like DFL or HDD regenerator). Thought myself, give it a try AND BOOM! There it is: ! Sector Repair ! in a FREE Software! Even in the darkest hours of internet, there seems to be a light (like the DOS-days and llf/slf with sector-Size change ability ;) ) Thanks, and the moment I can afford it, i will buy your Pro Version."


2017-01-20 08:02:26


2017-01-04 21:20:14


"recovery my data in memory card"

arone maxwell

2016-09-27 13:04:21

Prashant Vighane

2016-04-13 18:09:40

" eassos partition guru 4.8 crek"

"System partition on my XP laptop is running out of space, and PartitionGuru helps me to extent it without losing data. Awesome!"


2016-04-04 09:39:41


2016-03-19 21:11:21

"A great product definitely something I’ll never regret using."

"It provides everything I might need in work and it’s for free! It’s worth your time to use it. Good day"


2016-01-05 18:35:42


2015-12-04 13:34:49

"Very fast to partition a new hard drive and all partitions are 4K aligned! I had little trouble to manage partition with Disk Management, but PartitionGuru removes my troubles"

"The free version is already good enough to help me fulfill daily work. I’ve benefited a lot from it. Hope for updates"


2015-12-13 21:22:49

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