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2017-07-10 16:35:47

"Great piece of software ! - its allowed me to recover valuable info, mainly old photos, that I thought were lost forever, from a number of my old USB drives and one old clunker drive."

"I thought I was dead when my computer told me that my portable HD could not be read and that I would need to reformat it. Of course, I had no backup, and would lose years of work. Eassos Recovery allowed me to rescue my files from the partition very easily. What a relief! Product works as advertised, I highly recommend it! "

David Jaromnak

2017-02-26 04:20:31


2017-01-12 09:36:27

"I tried the free trial. There are many files that were found that I had deleted. Video files could not be previewed. A red warning came up. Does that mean those files cannot be recovered or viewed?"

"You guys are awesome !! Even though I'm not in need of anything now. I just wanted to thank you for your help in getting back my hard drive that some how was unreadable."


2016-12-26 09:33:02


2016-12-19 11:27:53

"Thanks. I tried it again last night and it did recover something. I have left the save command to another hard disc and have come to work. "

"This is bull! Your "trial" says it can move small files ... okay that's all I have to do, no big deal. But then I look at an important text document and it's ****ing intentionally left blank!! And it said so in the file!!!!! THANKS A LOT NOW ALL MY WORK IS GONE AND I WASTED 12 HOURS OF MY LIFE RUNNING YOUR SLOW *** PROGRAM!"


2016-12-01 01:27:42


2016-11-12 23:01:04

"Excellent. I recommend you for trying the recovery file software and process (the RescuePro Deluxe software developed by LC Technology) and EASSOS Recovery (http://www.eassos.com/eassos-recovery.php). You will figure out who cares customer concerns and support. EASSOS guarantees refund if you are not satisfied but LC Technology from the beginning states no refund at all even their product did not work. It means that EASSOS is confident that their products works but not LC Technology. Both have the free evaluation software and step. Please run both and again you will figure out the differences. LC Technology in evaluation step does not say anything about how the data will be recovered (I mean they do not say that its software does not recover folders but files insides the folders with unknown strange names and all files from folders are nixed up such that in practice you find it not useful.) You have to buy it and then the result will be awful. JUST trust Eassos if you care your data and expect reputation. Hope this help. Samad"



2016-08-10 10:27:11


2016-08-03 08:47:51

"We got the pictures back - thank you so much for your help!"

"Regardless of the issues with the bad sectors, I can't thank you enough for the work you did to make it possible to recover the vast majority of what I thought was completely lost forever. Precious family memories are restored to us and it is a huge relief. From our entire family, thank you for your help!!"


2016-07-13 10:38:23

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