USB Drive Recovery – Recover Formatted or Corrupted Data

Updated on November 23rd, 2020

This post explains how data loss happens to USB drive and how to perform recovery to get back lost data from formatted or corrupted disk.

USB drive data loss issue

USB drives such as USB flash drive, external hard drive or memory card are great tools to transfer data from computer to other storage devices and good option to store data. Thus they are popular and widely used around the world. However, sometimes unpleasant situation may happen, for example, deletion or formatting of significant data, inaccessible or RAW drive, infect virus after connecting to strange computer, USB drive failure, system error, etc. The consequence might be terrible, say files on USB drive get lost and you do not have backup copies. This post explains how to handle data loss issue on USB drive.

Main features of Eassos USB drive recovery software:

Eassos data recovery software puts forward practical ways to restore missing data, deleted files, corrupted drive from USB drives. USB drive recovery programs are designed to restore lost data caused by accidental deletion or formatting, Windows failure, damaged drive, etc. It supports recovery of lost data from all brands of removable drives, for instance, Sony, Kingston, Apacer, SanDisk, Western Digital, etc.

  • Scan and display lost data with special recovery modes and users are allowed to view lost files and directory before actual recovery
  • All steps such as file scanning, preview and recovery are read-only and no writing action will be done to original data.
  • All Eassos USB drive recovery software can be used either under Windows or WinPE environment, thus recovery process can be performed even when system fails to boot.
  • File search adopts advanced and varied algorithm to scan storage devices with different file system formats or file loss causes. Basic searching and deep searching are performed automatically together after you select device to be recovered.
  • Recovery software not only provides GUI, but also updates it to wizard interface. Then non-technical users find no difficulty in using it or recovering data.


The first steps always should be starting data recovery when data loss occurs to USB drive and lost files are important to you. For example, USB drive may become inaccessible and reports error “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”, data recovery should be perform first instead of formatting or disk check.