USB Drives Recovery Freeware Free Download

Updated on May 13th, 2021

You might have used USB drive such as USB flash drive for years, and reply on the convenience it provides. Do you have good knowledge about the USB drive you use every day? This article covers overall instruction about USB drives and you can read it and know better the tiny device.

USB is the short form of Universal Serial Bus and USB drive is a type if data storage devices which is external, portable, rewritable and removable. USB drive can be external hard drive, flash drive, SD card (placed in a card reader), etc. and all of them are popular and have large amount of users. USB drives, replacing CDs (compact discs) and floppy disks, become popular devices for file backup or transferring. They are neither prone to magnetic interference nor damage data after surface scratches, and they are much more stable and offer larger storage capacity. What’s more, USB drives are faster when accessing data, which save time and improves efficiency.

Advantages and disadvantages of USB drives

The most notably advantage of USB drives is the great convenience they provides for data storage and exchange. It’s the bridge to transfer data between computers and the best device to carry data since it is portable and users can take them to anywhere they go. It can be the alternative to carry data for meetings or presentations and hold all necessary information to a particular destination where the USB drive can be connected to computer. Besides, USB drive does not have fragile moving part of HDD and doesn’t need to worry about data loss while exposed to magnetic field or scratches. Some USB drives are produced in very small appearance, taking much less room.

Many USB drives are weak to resist file system errors then lose access of files. Since it is removable device and it bound to connect computer via inserting USB port and unplug from computer. Some users may eject USB drive when the drive is still saving or transferring data, then the drive will become inaccessible and report errors like “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”. The direct outcome is data loss.The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

These drives are not free from virus infection and they are more easily to infect virus. Using on different computers, USB disk become good media to spread virus and infect virus themselves. Thus you need to upgrade anti-virus programs.

Steps to recover lost data from USB and removable disks

File recovery and partition recovery from removable disks have achieved great success and data loss is no longer a real problem. Till now, there are many applications that support recovering data from USB disk, local disk, SD card, etc. And the steps to get back data do not require complicated operations. Eassos Recovery Free is USB drive recovery freeware and it allows users to retrieve USB drive free of charge. Here is the recovery process:

Step 1: Launch the software. Select the first recovery mode for formatted drive.USB Drives Recovery Freeware

Step 2: Select the removable disk and check the option “Extra Search for known file types” and click “Next”.USB Drives Recovery Freeware

Step 3: As the scan completes, you can preview and save lost data to a specified location.USB Drives Recovery Freeware