Sector Edit is Available For Partitionguru 4.4.0

Updated on November 6th, 2020

PartitionGuru updated to V4.4.0 yesterday, adding the function of sector edit.

Here are the improvements of the newly released version:

1. Added sector edit function.

2. Enhanced the speed of partition backup with the backup mode “all files”.

3. Added the function of allocating free space to an appointed partition.

4. Added the function of converting virtual disk format.

5. The newly created partition is aligned to integral multiples of sectors by default using KB as unit.

6. Users are allowed to specify the beginning sector and sector count on the dialog box “create new partition”.

7. Either hidden partition or image files in virtual disk’s partition can be loaded directly.

8. The mark “..” was added to return to parent directory in file browse area.

9. When resizing partition, the partition encrypted by BitLocker can’t be moved or resized.

10. When adding disk or partition to virtual RAID, the program allows to add partitions by double clicking one after another without closing the “select source partition” dialog box.

11. It is not allowed to select the target folder on the disk being recovered when using the function recover files by type.

12. The function “recover files by type” increases the support of sldprt file type produced by SolidWorks.

13. The physical sector size of hard disk can be detected and showed on the interface.

14. The bad track verification only adopts the mode read verification, on longer using the mode standard verification.

15. When repairing bad tracks, the program will not show the report sector read error.

16. The defaulted size of first partition is properly enlarged in quick partition function with the purpose of meeting the needs of installing Windows 7/8.

17. No dialog box will be popped up when updating is available, which is changed as scrolling message on the title bar.

18. Improved the support of differential VHD disks.

19. Rectified the problem that sometimes disk can’t be seen when it had bad sectors and it was recognized as “uninitialized” in disk management.

20. Fixed the bug that the program stopped searching lost partitions when meeting bad sectors.

21. Fixed the problem that sometimes the disk serial number couldn’t be acquired accurately when several disks were connected through USB.

22. Fixed the bug that the program crashed when copying big files to hidden partition.

23. Fixed the bug that the progress bar showed wrongly when verifying bad track for disk with a capacity larger than 2TB.

24. Fixed the bug that the virtual disk wasn’t set as current disk after it was loaded.

25. Fixed the bug that large BMP files couldn’t be previewed.

26. Fixed the bug that sometimes computer couldn’t reboot to the program’s DOS version.

27. Rectified the problem that the file recovery function still copied files that had been filtered.

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