Eassos Recovery 3.6.0 released!

Updated on November 24th, 2020

Eassos Recovery updated to the version 3.6.0!

The new version improves in the following aspects:

1 The function “recover files by type” increases the support of sldprt file type produced by SolidWorks.

2. Rectified the problem that the file recovery function still copied files that had been filtered.

3. Improved the support of differential VHD disks.

4. Rectified the problem that sometimes disk couldn’t be seen when it had bad sectors and it was recognized as “uninitialized” in disk management.

5. Fixed the bug that the program stopped searching lost partitions when meeting bad sectors.

6. Fixed the bug that large BMP files couldn’t be previewed.

Click here to download Eassos Recovery: https://www.eassos.com/download.phpEassos Recovery