Optimize Hard Drive With Free Partition Manager Software in Windows 10/11

Updated on February 19th, 2024

There is no denying that Windows 10 and Windows 11 gain great popularity recently. Meanwhile, Windows 10 and Windows 11 are gradually taking the place of other versions of Windows operating system on computers. Why these systems are favored by so many users? This may due to the better performance. Meanwhile, Windows 10 operating system has good compatibility and user experience on computers and other devices that have touch screen.

Though new Windows operating system innovate in many aspects compared with previous system, such as flat icon, different interface, but this version doesn’t make apparent changes in Disk Management. Disk Management can do basic tasks as before, for example, delete, format, extend, compress and create partition, convert dynamic disk to basic. For those who often use this tool to manage hard disk partitions know that Windowns Disk Management is not perfect. For example, the “Extend Volume” option will be grey and not available if there is no free space beside the partition, which is not convenient in daily use. Besides, it is not able to change hard drive parameters, split a partition, hide partition and clone partition.

disk managemrnt

Therefore, for the sake of satisfying various needs of storing and managing files, more often than not computer users may want to resize, split, shrink, or create partition for hard disks without losing or formatting disk and precious files. Most of time Disk Management offered by Windows can’t do all these tasks efficiently, so we need third-party tools to make up these features and make best use of hard drive space. Users who want to manage hard drive space on their own must choose reliable and specialized disk partition software. As to IT professionals, they definitely need some effective tool to do the job since the system built-in tool provides limited functions.

Some may ask the question “Why do I need to split partition?” The answer is easy-some brand new computer has only one big partition which takes entire hard disk space. This is the typical example that a hard disk is not well used. It is advised by many that data shouldn’t be stored in the partition where operating system is installed. That may slow down computer and threat data safety. For this situation, system partition should be separated from data partition. The direct solution is splitting the large partition with free partition manager software like DiskGenius Free (formerly known as PartitionGuru). This operation is easy to follow and won’t do harm to current system and data on the hard drive, so average users can carry it out by themselves if necessary.

free partition manager software

In addition to features mentioned above, the DiskGenius Free edition includes many other useful features, such as migrate Windows 11/10 to SSD or HDD, check & repair bad sectors for hard drives, check SSD health, format 64GB or larger SD cards to FAT32, clone HDD to SSD, permanently erase hard drive data, read ext4/3/2 partitions, etc. If you are interested in this free tool, do not hesitate to free download and try it.

free partition manager software