Fix -The Local Device Name is already in Use

Updated on October 23rd, 2020

This post focuses on error “The local device name is already in use” which occurs to network connections. If you are bothered by same error message, you can finish reading this instruction and learn how to fix it via easy steps.

Symptom of “the local device name is already in use”

This is a common error related to network drive mapping and it is not strange to those who are working network system. When you attempt to access a network drive you may end up with an error on “Restoring Network Connections” message box telling error:

An error occurred while reconnecting <drive letter> to <file path> Microsoft Windows Network: The local device name is already in use. This connection has not been restored.

If you try to access the drive via Command Prompt, the error message might be:

Map network drives… System error 85 has occurred. The local device name is already in use. The device is not ready. Locating AClient…

Let’s have a look at two cases about the error:

Case 1: “I was trying to access files on a shared folder, but I couldn’t view files and received error: ‘The local device is already in use. This connection has been restored.’ However, I am able to open this folder on other PCs. I’ve already tried deleting and remapping the drive but nothing changed. This computer is running Windows XP and other client PCs I tried are running Windows 7.”

Case 2: “I attempted to map a J drive and K drive on our domain. Drive letters couldn’t be changed, as all PCs in this domain has them in the same way. When I do a net use like this : net use J: \\ server\folder The command completed successfully. Net use K:\\server\folder2. However, I ended up with error message: ‘system error 85 has occurred. The local device name is already in use.’ Anyone have solutions to help me fix it?”

How to fix “the local device name is already in use”?

Solution 1: Restart terminal services

Step 1: Log on your computer using Administrator account so that you have full administrative rights.

Step 2: Click Windows and R key together to open Run box. Type services.msc and click OK.

Step 3: On the Service window, drag the scroll bar to locate Remote Desktop Services. Right-click on it and select Restart.

Step 4: Locate Computer Browser, right-click on it and select Restart.

Solution 2: Edit registry

Disclaimer: Editing system registry might be unsafe, as any improper operation may damage operating system. Thus you should create a backup before editing registry.

Step 1: Open Registry Editor. Click Start menu, type regedit in searching box and click regedit.exe from searching result.

Step 2: On Registry Editor expand following path:


Step 3: Locate EnableDeviceNameCreateRetry on the right pane, right-click it and select Modify.

Step 4: On the “Edit DWORD (32-bit) Value” window change the Value data to 1 and click OK.


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