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Convert Partition Table Style

PartitionGuru supports traditional MBR partition table as well as GUID partition table. If necessary, ParititonGuru can do a lossless conversion between the two types.

The conversion doesn't do damage to data. But the operating system that does not support GUID partition table will be unable to visit partitions and files that use GUID partition table!

1. Convert Partition Table to GUID. This function applies to converting partition table to GUID. Before the conversion, there must be some free space (dozens of sectors are OK) on the two ends of the disk. To carry out this function, first select the disk and then click "Disk"- "Convert to GUID partition Table", and PartitionGuru will pop up the following message box:

Convert Partition Table to GUID style

Please make sure that after the conversion the operating system of disk supports GUID partition table otherwise the disk will become inaccessible! Click "OK" to complete the conversion. And the command takes effect after you save the partition table.

2. Convert Partition Table to MBR.This function is used to convert partition table to the traditional type MBR. This conversion has some restrictions due to the limitation of MBR partition table (e.g. the number of primary partition can't exceed four). Thus if there are more than 4 primary partitions, PartitionGuru will first try changing rear partitions into logical partitions. The conversion of partition table type will fail if PartitionGuru can not change them into logical partitions (normally because there is no free space in front of partition).

To execute the operation, please select a disk you want to convert and click menu items "Disk" and "Convert to MBR Partition Table" in turn. PartitionGuru will show the following message box:

Convert Partition Table to MBR Style

If the disk's capacity is more than 2TB, after the conversion, the space exceeding 2TB can not be used. Besides, if the disk installs an operating system based on EFI frame work, the operating system can not be booted after the conversion.

If you confirm there is no mistake, please click "OK" to start the conversion.