Lost Partition Recovery—Recover Files From Lost Partitions

Lost partition recovery and file recovery are vital and useful skills which can help recover lost partitions and files. Partition loss or file loss is not avoidable even though people have tried their best to escape it. Unintentional deletion, formatting, virus or malware attacks, system corruption, partition table damages and more can easily cause partition loss. As we all know, files and folders are stored in partitions, so partition loss can lead to file loss. Sounds scary, yes? Actually, there is no need to be anxious even when partitions are lost, for partition recovery software will come to rescue to help you perform lost partition recovery and file recovery.

In this article, you’ll learn how to recover lost partitions, formatted partitions and deleted partitions and files from partitions.

Why lost partition recovery is possible? We’ve explained reasons in details in previous articles, so here I’ll make this short and brief. Have you learned that files and partitions remain still on hard drive after they are deleted, formatted, etc. until they is overwritten by newly saved data. When a partition is deleted or lost due to some reasons, only the partition table is modified in order to make the partition invisible from operating system and users, but the whole partition and its files stay on the hard drive forever if there is no overwriting. Therefore, deleted partition and lost partition can be recovered successfully and completely in most of case. To achieve lost partition recovery, all you need is lost partition recovery software which can search for lost partitions and rebuild partition table from computer, laptop, SSD, USB drives, RAID, virtual disks, etc.

PartitionGuru is powerful and specialized partition recovery software. It uses read-only mode for partition canning and searching, which guarantees no writing actions and 100% security. PartitionGuru is a perfect choice for you to recover lost, deleted, formatted and damaged partitions with easy steps. It is not merely a partition recovery program; it is also a great tool for file recovery, photo recovery, system back, disk management. Its comprehensive functions make it become the optimal tool for users who want to perform file recovery, partition recovery, or disk utilities.

Step 1, Launch PartitionGuru. Double click the icon on desktop.

Partition Recovery 01

Step 2, Select the hard drive which held those lost partition and click the button ‘”Partition Recovery” on the interface.

Partition Recovery 02

Step 3, The programs is searching for lost partitions. You can make the decision whether “Ignore” or “Reserve” the found partition by means of preview files.

Partition Recovery 03

Step 4, Save partition table. After all partitions are retrieved, you can click the button “Save All” to save partition table.