Things about Data Loss and Data Recovery

Updated on May 14th, 2021

It is for real that all computer users find it easier than before to suffer from data loss and fail to find important data. Amazingly, most of times virus or malware is no longer the major cause of data loss. Only ten percent of data loss cases are caused by virus or hackers. The main reason of file loss is human error, system failure and hardware problem. What’s the function of recovery of lost data? Data recovery operations can make great difference when lost data is very important to you or business. It is hard for small business or individual to bare losing previous data.

Data loss cases increases these years

Data loss has become one of the major concern to modern people who stores data digitally on computer or USB drives. Data loss cases keep rising these years and many users have attached great importance to solutions of recovering lost data. With the increasing using computer and Internet, there is growing need to safeguard data using all possible methods like data backup, recovery software, updating hardware, using latest anti-virus software, etc.

Signs of file loss and way to prevent data loss

Are you sensitive enough to recognize signs that you may prepare hard drive recovery or some related services? Here lists some signs and warningsyou should pay attention to:

  • Storage device is reported inaccessible
  • Computer restarts while you are working on certain files which has been saved
  • You delete or format some files that you really need by accident
  • Hard drive or USB drive freezes computer when it is connected

Errors of hardware, system, data or partition are caused by several causes. Thus, the first thing we can do to prevent data loss is backing up. Sometimes, backup copy can be the hope when we are suffering from hard drive failure or system crash. If you don’t own updated backup of lost data, then you need to find free data recovery software.

How to recover lost data with free data recovery software

Recovery software is vital tool. It can be used by recovery companies to provide data recovery service, also it can be downloaded by common users to fix data loss problem directly. Amazingly, some recovery software is free of charge, which means that recovery of deleted, missing, deleted or corrupted data is for free. Eassos Recovery Free is one of such free recovery software and here are recovery steps:

  1. Install and launch the free recovery software.Data Loss and Data Recovery
  2. Select recovery mode and the drive or disk to be recovered.Data Loss and Data Recovery
  3. Save recovered data to secure location.Data Loss and Data Recovery