Recover Photos, Songs and Files from HTC Mobile Phone

Updated on May 14th, 2021

Data loss issues happen to mobile phones

“Is it possible to restore recent deleted photos and downloaded apps from my HTC mobile phone?”

“My son played phone games with my HTC mobile phone, and he deletes all songs and photos by mistake. It there any way to get them back?”

“I downloaded an app which might contain virus, then my video clips were gets removed from my HTC phone. How can I get them back?”

Such kind of questions are being asked again and again on forums and comminutes on the internet. The simplest way of fixing these issues is restoring data from backup, and yet few people have obtain a backup. How to recovery lost files from HTC mobile phones?

Many models of HTC mobile phone provides memory card slot which allows users to pace memory card such as SD card and Micro SD card which has as large as 128GB capacity. Memory card helps users to store a great number of songs, videos, applications, photos, email, document, etc. If you are out of luck and lose important files off HTC memory card, you need to guarantee that the HTC mobile phone is no longer used to download new programs or capture photos or video. Then find effective mobile phone recovery software to search for lost data.

Steps to recover lost data from HTC mobile phone

Eassos Recovery can help THC users deal with the problem. It supports recovery of lost data from all memory cards like SD card, mini SD, Micro SD, memory stick, CF(Compact Flash) card, SDHC, SDXC, TF card, etc. It works well under all Windows systems and all steps as easier than you’ve assumed. The following guide helps you restore lost data step by step.

  1. Download and install Eassos data recovery to your desktop or laptop instead of HTC SD card.
  2. Connect HTC to your PC so that its memory card can be recognized as removable drive as other memory cards. Apart from this connection, you can just connect the memory card to computer using a card reader. If there is not SD card, just connect the phone to computer via USB cable.
  3. After the previous steps are done, you can start Eassos Android Data Recovery. recover lost data from HTC mobile phone
  4. Select storage device to search for lost data.recover lost data from HTC mobile phone
  5. When file scanning is done, you can do the final step to get files restored by saving them to a place which is different from the SD card. HTC mobile phone recovery is easy and simple though, it is still important to backup data in case of data loss.recover lost data from HTC mobile phone