Major Cause of Data Loss and solutions

Updated on May 13th, 2021

It has been a long time that many computer users assumes that hacker is one of the major reasons of data loss. All users are grief with lost computer files and needs file recovery. Nonetheless, the cause of needing file recovery solution may not be as complex as cyber-attack or virus. Recent study proves that computer users tend to accidentally lose files that are important to them by pressing or clicking a simple button instead of losing data due to virus or malware attack. Approximately, there are 80% people who have undergone data loss problem admits that they lose data because of accidental data erasing.

Curiously, certain computer file loss cases are triggered by failures and troubles in bad channels and communication between IT experts and working staff in company. Bad management of computer and Internet of business can lead to unexpected financial loss, let alone data loss. The loss might be the end of business if they do not start hard drive recovery

Where do lost files go when they are deleted or formatted?

Do you know why data recovery professions or recovery software has succeeded in recovering lost files from so many data loss situations? Where do they find out and restore missing files? Operating system such as Windows runs on computer with complicated tasks and courses to manage all physical and logical components. File system of each partition is responsible for telling OS where and how files are stored. When a file is deleted, then it tells Windows that disk space taken by deleted files are free of data. Thus Windows is no longer able to access the file and will store new data to the free space. However, the deleted file still stays on hard drive being visible to computer and users.

Lost files are not actually removed before they are replaced by new data. Hence, file recovery experts and programs are capable of finding out missing data as long as they are effective enough.

What happen to your files when partition gets formatted or corrupted?

Cyber-attack and virus infection can cause partition corruption. And the way of repairing corrupted partition is formatting. The most undesiring case is formatting of C drive, after which computer can’t boot.

When a partition goes wrong it became inaccessible, or sometimes it is formatted by mistake. Where do files and folders of the partition in question go? In fact, files remain on hard drive. Some free data recovery software can scan all sectors of the partition and analyze data.

Get back lost data using data recovery software

The way we can rely on to get back lost data due to either cyber-attack or deletion is file recovery. File recovery is easy and sometimes for free if you use free recovery software. Eassos Recovery Free is 100% secure and free data recovery software which is amazing tool for users who want to get back lost data.

  1. Download and launch the recovery softwareGet back lost data using data recovery software
  2. Select recovery mode and storage media and start scanning.Get back lost data using data recovery software
  3. Restore found files and folders by saving them to a different spot.Get back lost data using data recovery software