Reasons Why You Fail To Protect Hard Drive From Data Loss

Updated on November 24th, 2020

Have you ever undergone such experience that your files and folders get lost from computer or other storage devices? That happens quite frequently every day, but many of us fail to take it seriously. If you think data loss will never happen to you, and you’ll be very hard to find a solution of data recovery when data loss really happens. There are too many reasons why it could happen to you and some are listed below.

1. Accidents happen to everyone now and then.

We all spill coffee. We all drop crumbs when we are eating. We all knock into tables and get things fell to floor. What if these accidents happen around hard disk? Apparently, it is difficult to protect data all the time.

2. No hard drive is reliable as we think.

Lines above cover some accidents regarding damages that hard drive may encounter, which are easy to understand. But some tiny things still can cause problem, such as excessive dust, static. If you speak to data recovery experts they will tell you they have recovered files from hard drives that have been dropped, stepped on, etc. thus, the best you can do is to keep away from these risks and know how to solve the problem if data they still can’t be avoided.

3. Nobody can free from virus attack.

Everyone is familiar with computer virus which may lead to system crash, data loss and many other serious problems. What’s more, it doesn’t mean our computer is totally safe even if anti-virus programs are installed. All it takes is one wrong operating and suddenly hard drive gets corrupted and all data is gone.

4. Human error is not evitable.

According to statistics, human errors account for half of the reasons of data loss. People drag files to Recycle Bin and empty it without a second thought, and then they realize that files are deleted by mistake. Moreover, unplug USB flash drive or sudden power off also cause data or partition inaccessible.

Hard Drive Recovery Freeware

Hard Drive Recovery Freeware

People who don’t backup data face higher risk of data loss, but you can be assured that there is a lot of data recovery freeware ¬†which is able to get you out of these thorny situations for free. What you need to bear in mind is that you should never deem your files are in 100% security and that you should make sure you ask the right program or person for help.