Tips To Avoid Data Loss

Updated on November 24th, 2020

With the development of science and technology, computer has become one of indispensable part of life or work. Almost all users have been used to store important files on their personal computer or laptop. Files stored on computers are mainly photos, technical information, working files, videos, study data and some personal account. One thing should have aroused users attention is that most of these important files are the only one copy and have no backup. So problem of file security comes: what if these files get lost? What kind of disaster data loss will bring? Just think over this for a while and keep reading to learn methods of avoiding data loss and ways of bring back lost data.

To some extent, the hard drive is the most important part of computer, for those valuable files are just stored on it. But hard drive is relative the fragile part, for abnormal power off may cause data loss, let alone virus attack, accidental deletion, formatting, etc. Thus we need to follow advice here:

  1. Store important files on different storage devices, such as one copy on computer, another on USB drives such as external hard drive, USB flash drive.
  2. Form good habits when using computers: install anti-virus program for your computer and make backup for system in case of system crash.
  3. Use computer in correct way. Never power off computer abnormally. Try to avoid any strike.
Avoid Data Loss

Free Data Recovery Software

Important as backing up file is, there are still many users are reluctant to arrange time for file backup. In this case, data recovery software becomes the last defense. Generally speaking, data recovery software can solve may data loss problem, for example, Eassos Recovery Free is able to recover deleted or formatted, recover lost partitions (rebuild partition table), recover files from inaccessible partitions, etc. When data loss occurs, just keep calm and use data recovery programs to perform data recovery, which is quite easy to learn.