Free Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery

About Western Digital hard drive

Western Digital Corporation is one of the largest computer hard drive manufacturers, whose branches and offices are around the globe, providing users with various types of storage devices. Western Digital hard drive is often mentioned as WD hard drive, WD hard disk or WD HDD. WD hard drive offers users diverse capacities, such as 320GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, etc. WD HHD can be external hard drive, desktop hard drive, laptop hard drive, or used in Server and RAID. It usually comes on various interface for different utilities, for example, IDE, SCSI and SATA (SATA 2.0, SATA 3.0).

Users can buy WD hard drive easily from their local storage device store or online stores. Hard drive in today’s market is inexpensive and fine, most of them have large storage capacity, reasonable price and reliable hard drive. Thus hard drives still dominate the storage market in quite long period.

What if data loss happens to your Western Digital hard drive?

The reasons of file loss from WD hard drive are many. For instance, hard drive failure cause that it can’t be recognized by computer (such as BIOS). In that case, hard drive might have mechanical problem. Physical damage is hard to handle for common users, and you have to ask for tech support from vendor or file recovery centers. Actually, the most common causes of data loss are logical problem, for example, important files are deleted from your WD hard drive by accidental, hard drive gets formatted by mistake, file system of hard drive partition corrupts, etc.

If these happen to your hard disk, you need to stop using the drive immediately, and start hard disk data recovery as soon as possible. Do not send the hard disk to local computer repair which is not majored in hard disk recovery, otherwise your lost data may get further damage.

In fact, hard drive recovery software is totally able to recover lost files from WD hard drive as well other brands of HDDs like Seagate, Sumsang, Toshiba, Kinston, Hitachi, etc. Eassos Recovery is effective third-party hard disk recovery software which can recover lost data and partition from Western Digital hard disk drive. This recovery software makes Western Digital recovery easy to realize and follow.

Step-by-step guide of Western Digital hard disk recovery

Step 1: Install Eassos Recovery and launch it from your computer.Western Digital recovery

Step 2: Select recovery mode from the hard drive recovery software for the WD hard disk.

Step 3: Click the WD hard drive that loses files and click “Next” button. Then the WD recovery software will make a full and deep scan for the selected drive.

Step 4: Preview and recovery. After scanning process, you can preview lost files found by the recovery software and then copy them to another drive.Western Digital recovery

Note: when you are restoring your WD HDD files, it is advised to save the restored files to another drive in case that source files can be overwritten.