Western Digital Data Recovery Software Free Full Version

In this article, we’ll focus on WD (Western Digital) hard disk data recovery and how to safely retrieve lost, deleted or formatted files from Western Digital hard drives with the help of free hard disk free software – Eassos Recovery Free. You can free download this recovery freeware and follow the step-by-step tutorial below to get back lost data with ease.

Western Digital data recovery

Western Digital is one of the well-known manufacturers of computer hard drives and external hard drives. WD hard drives are usually reliable and speedy and have high-performance and high-quality, which makes it popular among users all over the globe. Users like to use WD disks to install operating system, store various files or keep backups. Although hard drive is unquestionable in quality, it is still hard to prevent users from data loss issue.

There might be hundreds of factors that may lead to Western Digital data loss issue, for example accidental deletion, formatting, virus, corrupted partition, etc. Have you ever been trained to recover lost data from hard drive? Relax even if you are new to hard drive data recovery. We’ll give easy and effective solutions.

In general, there are two methods: recovery software and services, and both are available on the market for the moment. You can choose related services if your WD hard disk is badly damaged, and yet recovery software would be the better choice to common logical issues. Moreover, most WD recovery software is user-friendly and does not require that its users should acquire background knowledge.

Western Digital data recovery software free full version

Hard drive data recovery service is not a bad idea only when your data gets lost due to physical disk damages, such as hard disk freezes computer, disk cannot be detected, etc. Most hard drive data recovery service is expensive and time-consuming, for example, you need to send your disk to the recovery center. Thus, the most effective solution to Western Digital recovery is data recovery software. Powerful recovery software can help you get back lost files cause by physical damages such as formatting, deletion, RAW drive, partition loss, etc.

Eassos Recovery Free is one piece of hard drive data recovery freeware and it is powerful enough to restore various files such as documents, photos, pictures, videos, music, email, archives from Western Digital, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba hard disks, external HDD, USB flash drive, memory cards and so on. With the cutting-edge scanning algorithms, you can easily perform deleted file recovery, format recovery, lost partition recovery, RAW drive recovery, photo recovery, entire disk recovery and more. Moreover, pre-recovery file preview is provided to help you check recovery quality and look for needed files. Now download Western Digital data recovery software free full version and start the recovery.

Free download Western Digital data recovery software to recover deleted, lost or formatted files

Free Western Digital data recovery software Eassos Recovery Free simplifies data recovery process, and it will get back deleted or lost files via several simple clicks. Free download the Western Digital hard disk data recovery freeware and get it installed on your computer, after which we can start the recovery. If you need to retrieve files from RAW partitions on Western Digital hard disk, you can refer to this guide: RAW Partition Recovery: How to Recover Data from RAW Drives?

Below is the step-by-step guide of recover lost, deleted or formatted files from Western Digital hard disks:

Step 1: Connect your Western Digital hard disk to your computer.

If you are going to recover lost data from external hard disk, then connect the drive to PC via USB. Do make sure the hard disk can be detected by Windows, i.e. at least it shows up in Disk Management.

Step 2: Launch Eassos Recovery Free and choose recovery options.

Once the software is launched, you can see four recovery modes available. You need to choose a proper mode according to data loss causes, for example, “Recover Files From Partition” supports to retrieve lost data from formatted, corrupted, RAW drives; “Recover Lost Partition” can search for deleted or lost partitions.

Free Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery

Step 3: Select device and click Next button to scan it.

Here you should choose the Western Digital drive which contains lost files. Eassos Recovery Free will start a complete and deep scanning so as to find out lost files from the drive.

Western Digital Data Recovery Software Free Full Version

Step 4: Preview found files.

Recoverable files are displayed in scanning result, you can preview them one by one to check if lost files are corrupted.

Western Digital Data Recovery Software Free Full Version

Step 5: Recover lost data from WD hard disk.

Choose files and folders you want to restore, then click Recover button to save recovered data to a safe location.

Western Digital Data Recovery Software Free Full Version

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When do you need Western Digital hard disk data recovery software free full version?

Hard disk data loss issue frequently happens to users who do not keep backup copies for important files. Here are some scenarios that WD hard drive recovery is needed.

  • Accidental deletion of important files: it is necessary to delete useless files so as to free up disk space and improve performance, and yet some people may delete important files by mistake.
  • Formatting: formatting process removes all data off a partition, and it is often performed when wipe data, repair corrupted file system, change file system type, repartition disk, etc.
  • RAW drive: partitions on external disks are likely to be RAW drive after power outage, unplug it without clicking Safe Removal icon.
  • Virus attack: Virus can corrupt, encrypt or delete data. it is easy to infect virus or malware when using WD hard disk on different computers which are not protected by anti-virus software.
  • Bad sectors: bad sectors can cause file loss, partition loss and more severe issues. If your WD have a few logical bad sectors, lost files are recoverable via recovery software.

Note: Hard drive data recovery software won’t work if files on your Western Digital hard disk get lost due to physical damages such as drop, impact, clicking noises, physical bad sectors, etc.


By and large, Western Digital data recovery is not as difficult as it looks like and most often it is quite easy to recover lost data from Western Digital hard disk with correct hard disk data recovery software. One thing you should keep in mind is that do not overwrite lost files and act fast to carry out recovery. Eassos Recovery Free is Western Digital recovery freeware and you can try DiskGenius to deal with more complicated data loss issues. Last, as a kindly reminder, do not forget to keep backup copies for important data, which helps to avoid many data loss issues.