Free JPEG Recovery Software: Recover Deleted /Lost JPEG Files

Updated on November 6th, 2020

Photos stored in JPEG format

As popular file type of pictures and phots, JPEG is well known around the world. JPEG is the short form of Photographic Expects Group which initially created the standard. It is a widely-used solution of compressions for pictures and photographic images, and the degree of compression can be adjusted so that users can reach a selectable tradeoff between storage size and picture quality. The most common filename extension for images that adopts JPEG compression are .jpeg and .jpg. Besides, .jpe, .jif and .jfif are used too.

Digital camera is compatible with many file formats such as jpeg, jpg, tif, cr2, nef, arw, orf, sr2, raw, pef and so on. Digital camera are user-friendly and convenient and users are fond of taking picture to capture unforgettable moments. Digital photos are stored on memory card like SD card, TF card and more.

Cases of JPEG file loss

JPEG pictures may get lost or corrupted due to various reasons which are mainly classified into two kinds, i.e. physical damaged and logical damage. Major reasons that lead to JPEG file loss are virus infection, accidental deletion of important files or folders, formatting of memory card, memory card corruption, file system damage, human error, expected error during file transferring between storage devices.

Since we know common reasons of file loss, then we can keep an eye on all operations like file deletion, removing memory card from any device. Besides, we should use and update anti-virus software and avoid connect memory card of digital camera to strangers’ computers. The most important measure is creating backup copies for photos in time.

How to recover deleted or lost JPEG files?

No matter how cautious we are to protect precious picture, sometimes files still get loss due to certain reasons. When you need to do JPEG recovery, third-party JPEG recovery software will be helpful. Eassos Recovery Free is powerful and free photo recovery software which can recover formatted, deleted and lost JPEG files and other formats of pictures, videos and audio files. Also it is able to recover lost picture and images from corrupted memory card, hard drive, flash drive, portable drive, etc.

Step 1: Install Eassos Recovery to computer and launch it.JPEG Recovery

Step 2: Select recovery mode from the main interface of this recovery software.

Step 3: Click the memory card or drive that loses pictures and click “Next” button, after which the JPEG recovery software starts scanning lost files.JPEG Recovery

Step4: Preview and recovery. After file canning process is done, you can look for desired pictures by file preview or file filtering. Then you can check the box before files and click “Next” button to save them to anther drive or partition.