Free Photo Recovery From Canon Digital Camera

Updated on May 14th, 2021

This guide is going to explain steps to recover deleted or lost photos from Canon ditigal camera using free photo recovery software.

Digital camera data loss issue

As far as I know, the Canon digital camera is easy to use and takes quality photos. Digital photos enriches life and increases way of sharing and communication. Canon produces different types of camera for different groups of people, many of which are cost-effective to family and personal users. Also, if you are professional photographer, you can choose those specially designed types. Digital camera brings about enjoyment, but loss of important photos gives unhappiness. All of us need to learn solutions of digital camera recovery.

Many users have used Canon cameras or other brands of cameras, but few of them know how to perform free photo recovery of deleted or missing photos. And they don’t know how free photo recovery program works to undelete or unformat photos.

Digital cameras have changed traditional meads of photo capture. It is much easier and convenient to take pictures nowadays. Moreover, digital cameras are produced with many new features to improve photo quality. Photos can be viewed at once after it is taken, and users are allowed to delete those photos they are dissatisfied. Some users may delete important photos from memory card. Never be panic or sad even though deleted photos can’t be taken once again, as photo recovery freeware can help you retrieve lost pictures from memory card, hard drive, memory stick, etc.

Features of free digital camera software

Eassos Recovery free can recover RAW photos like tiff, csg, jps, ppm, jpeg, jpg, pgm, etc. and restore lost video and audio files. All types of photos taken by Canon digital cameras are supported, and photo preview is available after file scanning. Features of this photo recovery freeware:

  • Restore photos and pictures of all file types
  • Fast speed of scanning lost photos on memory card, hard drive and other devices.
  • Specialized recovery modes are provided for different photo loss situations
  • No professional computer skills are demanded to use the camera recovery software

Guide of recovering lost photos:

Step 1: Install Eassos Recovery free and get it started. Eassos Recovery free can be easily installed to your Windows computer by following the installation wizard.Free Photo Recovery From Canon Digital Camera

Step 2: Select recovery mode in light of photo situation.

Step 3: Select the memory card removed from Canon digital camera, and click “Next” to scan files from the card.Free Photo Recovery From Canon Digital Camera

Step 4: After file scanning, you can preview lost photos and save them to your computer.Free Photo Recovery From Canon Digital Camera

When these steps are done, you can either backup your photos or put the memory card to camera to take more photos.