Free File Recovery Software

Updated on May 13th, 2021

You may have heard a lot about “Data Loss”, but only when you actually suffer from it, can you feel the thrust of disaster. No matter what brand of computer you are using and which operating system is running on it, data loss is still one of those problems that can’t be avoided. When important files get loss, the first react of most users is looking for ways of getting back lost data.

Computers get used to drag files that are useless to Recycle Bin for temporary deletion. But some program can empty Recycle Bin without informing users when clear system trash. Before long, users get aware that certain file that was once put into Recycle Bin is still important, which, however, is too late to restore them just with the restore function offered by system. Fortunately, it is possible to get back permanently deleted files using file recovery software. Thus, users can work with least effort to get back lost files and folders with the help of recovery software.

How does file recovery software work?

Software that can recover lost files has the ability to get back deleted files and undelete files as well as retrieve formatted and corrupted files. Eassos Recovery Free is free software that can restore files that have been deleted from USB drive and Recycle Bin. Besides, lost files deleted permanently by Shift + Delete keys also can be recovered. This program uses adopts advanced file scanning technology for fast and deep recovery and then locate each files with original structure and names. Eassos Recovery supports recovering files from hard drive, flash drive, SD card, SSD, virtual disk, USB flash drive, etc.

Eassos Recovery can be ran on all commonly used Windows versions, such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, win server, etc. Thus to carry out file recovery, you have to prepare a Windows computer whose ram should be larger than 512M. And then you can start file searching process. Note that lost files are supposed to be recovered as soon as possible in order to avoid any possible data overwriting.

Detailed steps of recovering lost data with Eassos Recovery

Before starting the recovery procedure you need to download Eassos Recovery Free first and then get it installed.

Step 1: Launch Eassos Recovery and select proper recovery mode, and then move to next step.

Free File Recovery Software

Step 2: Select the partition where lost files were stored and click “Next” button, the software will start to search for deleted files.

Free File Recovery Software

Step 3: After file scanning, you can preview all listed files one by one and select those you need. Then click “Next” button to get then recovered. You should set the target path to another partition or drive to avoid data overwriting.

Free File Recovery Software