An Easy Solution To Hard Drive Recovery

Updated on May 13th, 2021

What would you do when you come across the situation that data gets lost from hard drive? Will you be anxious? Frustrated? Can you solve the problem as cool-headed as recovery experts? As the matter of fact it is not so complicated to retrieve lost files and folders. There are indeed better choices by which the recovery of hard drive data can be done by all computer users with ease.

What to do when data gets lost from hard drive?

First and foremost, you should stop all actions to computer, including storing new file to hard drive, download or install new programs, browse pages, open files on the hard drive, create new folders, etc. The reason for this is simple, i.e. all these operations may cause writing actions to hard drive, which means they may take up the disk space which was used to store lost files. Thus, these operations will eliminate the chance of successful hard drive recovery.

Then, you can send the hard drive to some specialized recovery centers whose experts will help you perform the recovery. Whereas, experts not only refer to IT professionals, but also include data recovery software with which we can recover lost files by ourselves with easy and simple steps.

Free Hard Drive Recovery Software

Most recovery services works with the help of recovery software, and they can provides pretty good recovery result and yet they charges very high, which is usually not affordable to common users. Moreover, some users are not willing to choose such service with the consideration of privacy secret. In such cases, hard drive recovery becomes the most desiring solution.

Such applications are able to scanning hard drive thoroughly and retrieve all information which was lost due to deletion, formatting, disk corruption, virus attack, bad sector, etc. All you need to do is just clicking mouse button for several times and then select what you want to recover and where the target location is. No matter what kind of the files are, when they get lost, what causes of data loss, hard drive recovery software can work out. Eassos Recovery is one of such programs, and it possesses following features:

free data recovery software

1. Easy-to-use. Technically speaking, data recovery is complicated job which requires complex operations. But Eassos Recovery simplifies the whole process into only five steps via a wizard interface, so that computer green hand can learn it in minutes.

2. Able to recover any type of files. Eassos Recovery supports recovering photos, music, documents, videos, etc. under all Windows computers.

3. File preview. It allows uses to preview files to judge the possibility to recover. What’s more, this program even supports previewing videos files, which is not available to other recovery programs.