Data Recovery Freeware—The Expert On Photo Recovery

Updated on November 24th, 2020

The days have become history when we developed photos and put them in album after we took pictures during trip or some memorable moments. At present, people tend to store photos on computer, USB drives, cell phones, camera cards, etc. for the purpose of large storage capacity and convenience. Such way of storing photos still cannot avoid some disadvantages, for example, data loss happens quite so often. Thus, here will figure out how data loss happens and how to get back lost photos.

How does photo get lost?

The first step to prevent data from loss is learning how data loss happens, after which we can take efficient measures to protect data and retrieve lost data. Common reasons of data loss are listed.

  • 1. Human error.

Statistically, human error is the main reason of photo loss. Either accidental deletion or unintentional formatting causes data loss. Storage devices may get broken due to careless keeping.

  • 2. Virus attack.

Virus can do damage to files at any time. Don’t ever think that the computer is totally safe after installing antivirus software. Virus can bring disaster to storage devices and data security.

  • 3. Bad data access habit.

When exchanging data between computer and other devices, many people incline to use cut and paste instead of copy and paste. Errors are apt to happen when you cut files, and the result is data loss. Moreover, unplugging drives in abnormal way may lead to file loss.

  • 4. System crash.

Believe it or not, system may go wrong due to various reasons, for instance, software malfunction, virus attack, bad sectors and so on.

  • 5. Storage devices get physical problem

Bad sectors may get hard drive inaccessible and data stored on bad sectors will get lost. Besides, broken hard drives can’t be detected by computer, and files on hard drive will be lost forever.

Solution for recovering lost photos

Photo loss gets on your nerves, and yet you do have solution to fix this problem. Just keep reading.

1. Restore data from backup. If you have backed up photo, and store the copy to other place, then one copy lost is not a big deal. Lost photos can be retrieved from backup files. Therefore, never bother to spend time and efforts in backing up data.

2. Check Recycle Bin. When a file is deleted from hard drive, system just moves it to the Recycle Bin. And files in Recycle Bin can be restored before they are emptied.

3. Data recovery freeware. Data recovery software is designed to recover lost files that are deleted or formatted, and you can get back lost photos with it. Most of data recovery programs are not for free and some are even not affordable. For me, I prefer data recovery freeware such as Eassos Recovery Free, some of which is as efficient as shareware when recovering lost photos.Data Recovery Freeware